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Monday, June 13, 2016

6.13.16 TRIO TIME🙈😳

Y'ALL IM IN A TRIO!!! We just found out!! Haha what?!!?

Hello y'all! Well it's transfer day and just when I thought I was safe president called! Sister Merritt, who is in Loganville was supposed to be training but her greenie didn't make it so we are now in a trio!! They are combining the ward again for 6 weeks and then splitting it again. The mission is super low on missionaries right now but we have lots coming in next transfer! Things are super crazy and we still can't believe it! It will be a lot of fun but a crazy week! Keep us in your prayers please! This last week was incredible and we saw so many miracles!

Tuesday was a terrific day!! We had an awesome zone meeting and I learned so much. There was a focus on keeping it positive especially in this summer heat. The senior missionaries, Elder and Sister Bennion trained us and it was so wonderful! I learned so much from them and can't wait to serve with my husband some day. One of my favorite quotes from the meeting was "the best things like homemade bread takes patience and hard work!" Two things I have learned a lot about both of those on my mission and it is so true! Later we went back to see Michael to bring him a large print copy of the bible. He was so happy to see us and thought we had forgotten about him. He invited us right in and we shared the plan of salvation. He loved it and the spirit was SO strong. He was open to us coming back and his heart had been softened. He even said we could come bring him a large print copy of the BoM!! It was so awesome! That night we went to see Kieren and answer a lot of her questions about the temple. She wants to be sealed in the SLC temple and it so cool! We then read a chapter out of first Nephi and talked about Lehi's vision of the tree of life. Kieren is really coming to love the BoM and it so amazing!

Wednesday morning we went to see Debi and had a really good lesson. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to pray about a date to be baptized. She asked great questions and it was awesome! That night we went to teach the Anderson's. Sister Anderson's friend named Star was there again so we taught them the Restoration. We invited Brother Nye which was great but things got a little crazy! Sister Anderson and Brother Nye wanted to help teach so there was a lot of interrupting and talking over each other. Other than that the lesson went really well and Star loved it. But we noticed something really cool afterwards. Whenever Sister Holmgren or I would speak everyone would be focused and quiet. We had all eyes on us and the spirit was there. It really strengthened my testimony that we have been called and set apart to teach. Even though we all have the same knowledge of the gospel, we have the power and authority to teach!

Thursday afternoon was crazy! We went to meet a guy named Jarvarious and when we knocked on his door his family let us right in. Only to tell us that he was coughing up blood and they were taking him to the ER!! What?! Then we went to see Tonia and when we got to her house the door was off the hinges. So we just knocked on the side of the house. There was lots of yelling, banging and screaming. Suddenly the Holy Ghost told us we needed to leave. That is wasn't safe to be there and we knew it without a doubt. I'm so grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost to warn us and always be with us. Thursday night we got to finally see Charles again! He has been out of town and his phone got shut off so it's been awhile. But he has been reading from the BoM and loving it. We met at Maw-Maws with him and read a chapter. It was a great lesson and he is doing really well! Then we went to see Hazel, yes she is still the cutest thing ever! We went over the restoration since it had been awhile and helped answer her questions. She committed to begin reading the Book of Mormon again that night. It was an awesome night! :)

Saturday was cookie day! We decided to make a bunch of cookies and go deliver them to as many people as we can. It was a lot of fun and a success! That afternoon we took cookies to and taught as many people as we can. We were able to see several people we hadn't been able to see that week and it was great! We shared an analogy as we delivered the cookies and they loved it! Imagine that you are the cookie... And you get mixed and beat, and tossed around until you think you can't handle it any more. So you pray and pray and just when you think it's all over, you get torn apart and rolled into a ball and slammed on a cookie sheet. All the while, you're still praying. And when you think all your trials have passed, you get thrown in the hot, hot oven and bake! For who knows how long! But then, by the grace of God, you are saved. You become a beautiful cookie! You would have never become that beautiful cookie if you hadn't gone through all the trials and tribulations. It also applies to missionaries work!! Because you get thrown in this crazy mix with new rules and a new lifestyle. But it's through the atonement that we can become the people God needs us to be! That night we went to see Kieren and she is still doing so good! She had read a chapter all on her own and understood every word! We read another chapter with him and she got it! That girl has come so far and I'm so proud of her!

Sunday was so wonderful! Witt finally come to church to see what it's all about. Kenny was also there with Grace and loved it! Connie Canty the less active we have been working with for awhile came and it was so amazing! The theme of this month is Christlike attributes and we had really great talks. We were so sad not to see Kieren walk in and were worried about her. Near the end of Sunday school Sister Merritt pointed to the window and there was Kieren! She felt so bad about sleeping in but wanted to make sure to come to relief society! What?! So proud of her! It was her first time and she loved it. After church we had a great lesson with Kenny on the priesthood. He is loving church and is doing really well! After that we went to go have lunch and read with the Kalanuis. It was just Sister Kalanui and her daughter but afterwards we had to run by the church. It was such a tender mercy because brother Kalanui was there! We were able to talk with him for bit and read with him! Next we went to stop by the Rochas, a less active family we have been trying to meet since we got here! One of the daughters Celina was so happy to see us. She invited us right in and opened up to us about everything. She is so sweet and when we shared a message with her she loved it. She said she knew that we were meant to come by that day and said just what she needed to hear! It was so cool! Missionary work is just the best! Then we went to see Kieren who is still doing great! Love that girl! This week I've been pondering a lot of prayer and scripture study. Something came up that I've never thought of before. James 1:5 is pretty far in the bible... It's not like he just flipped into but he had to have been already reading. It also didn't answer his question exactly but he had to ponder about it and then act in faith. I know Heavenly Father always answers our prayers. If you want to talk to God pray and if you want to talk to him read your scriptures. They hold the answers and are more accessible than ever!

Happy Father's Day!! I love you daddy! Hope y'all have a wonderful day. Thank you to all the wonderful men in my life that have helped me become the person I am today. I love y'all! Love, Sister Hosman❤️🍑

They were all a bit surprised to be in a trio!  What a fun adventure...

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