Peach my Gospel

Southern Speaking from September 2015 to March 2017

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5.31.16 Sacrifice=Love❤️

Hey y'all! This last week had been great and I have learned so much! Here is a little update on a couple of our wonderful investigators!

Kieren is doing so great! We started to re teach her the lessons and it has been so great! This last week we went and watched the restoration videos with her and she loved them! When the video finished she sat back and said " y'all I've been praying so hard but I know I need to be reading the BoM too!" To us it was kind of like uhhh well duh but to her everything just clicked! She wants to know the truth for herself so bad. She has made some great progress and loves coming to church. She told her job she no longer can work on Sunday's so that she will be able to come every week and stay for all three hours. We are so proud of her and just love her so much! Her family is so great and every time we go over their hearts soften more and more. They now come in and want to pray with us, they are becoming so supportive of Keiren and it is amazing!

Charles is doing great and loved church on Sunday! He is still funny as ever and loves this gospel. He was on date to be baptized this Saturday but will be out of town for a family reunion. He will be baptized in the next couple weeks and is so ready! Every time we meet with him I reflect on the miracle of meeting him that first day and it is so wonderful. When we went to visit the Anderson family this week the mom had a friend over named star. She was so sweet and had a strong desire to learn more. We got to talk to her for a bit and are hoping to be able to teach her more. There is a cute 15 year old in the ward named Grace and she brought her friend Kenny to youth night last week . We talked to him for a little bit and were able to meet with him this week. He is 17 and a super sweet kid. We gave him a church tour on Saturday morning and he loved it. He had great questions and had a lot of interested in the baptismal font. Then yesterday we taught him the plan of salvation and it went really well. He picked up really fast and just kept saying how incredible it was!! It was so cool and we are excited to keep teaching him. We were blessed to meet some wonderful people this week! 

This last week I have been pondering sacrifice a lot. Sister Holmgren was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting on sacrifice and then we did a special, musical number with the other sisters of "I'll go where you want me to go." So the topic of sacrifice as been brought up suite a few times as you can imagine. I am feel so blessed to be able to make this sacrifice and be serving here in Georgia. I know that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. On a mission you get asked almost daily the question "why did you come on a mission?" So I tell them why I decided to serve a mission. But if someone were to ask me why I stayed on a mission? Why I am here right now?? The answer would be totally different. I am here because of love. I love Georgia, I love the people, I love the work and I love the Lord! That is what makes all the sacrifice, all the hard days and all the slammed doors worth it. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice, he died for you and me. He died for our sins, pains and afflictions. Why would someone give their life? The only reason I can think of is because of love. He loves you so much that he willingly gave his life for you! How incredible is that? Think about what Jesus Christ gave up for you. I am so grateful for the lords sacrifice for me and for this time I have to represent him. I know this is his church and this is his work. I am also incredibly thankful for the men and women who fought for our freedoms! Hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day and had time to think about the freedoms your grateful for! I love y'all so much! Have a blessed week! :)

Love, Sister Hosman๐Ÿ‘

Singing with the quadsquad! "I'll go where you want me to go" Feel so blessed that Heavenly Father called me to Georgia!๐Ÿ‘

Zone conference with Elder & Sister Dube

Welcome to summer y'all!๐Ÿ˜ณ #notevenjuneyet

She's outstanding in the field, isn't she?

Horrible quality but words can't describe how much we love this girl (Kieren) and how proud we are of her! (No gremmy isn't choking me, her arms are just so long!)

Happy Memorial Day y'all!❤️

Monday, May 23, 2016

5.23.16 Time flies when you're having fun!

Hey y'all! It was another great week, here are some highlights of the week!

Tuesday we were in exchanges and Sister Merritt was here in Monroe with me! That morning we went to see Debi and she is doing great! She had read the testimony of Joseph smith and had some great questions about it! We committed her to come to church next week and she is excited! Then we felt like we should go drop by Sister Martin and she was so happy to see us! She said that if we wouldn't have come she would have never woken up for work! She is the funniest lady and we got to share a little message with her!(: That afternoon we had a lesson with Charles at Maw-Maw's house! We were in the middle of the lesson with a guy walked out of his mothers apartment. Maw-Maw said "hey Ben!" and he walked over! Suddenly he started talked about teaching gospel principles and how he missed the missionaries! Sister Merritt and I just looked at each other so confused. We asked him a couple questions and turns out he was a member who hadn't been to church in years because of a job he got that made him work on Sunday's. He sat down and joined us for the rest of the lesson and bore his testimony to Charles. It was the coolest thing. He told Charles that he was doing the right thing and that this was the one true church! He told us he was so glad he saw us and knew it was a sign from God. He will be at church next week and we are so excited! It was a super cool miracle!(:

Wednesday was a wonderful day! We had a busy afternoon that started with a great lesson with Kaiden! We decided to start of the beginning with the lessons and have a fresh start. She committed to start from the beginning with the BoM. It was great! Then we had a really good lesson with Dylan. We started off asking him about his questions and they all had to do with the restoration or plan on salvation. So we taught him those lessons and he loved it. He was so into it and said it all made so much sense. We really focused on prayer and the importance of it. He said he really missed praying and going to church like he did when he was younger. He is so great and it was an awesome lesson! Next we went and had a lesson with the Carroll family! We talked about baptism and conformation. They have almost been baptized for a year and are preparing to go to the temple. They have grown so much and have such strong testimonies. They are so great and it was an awesome lesson! That night we went to the church to help the activity girls with their clothes/book drive for the refugee families that are coming to Georgia! It was a really cool experience and we had a lot of success!

Friday was so fantastic! We got up real early to go to a special zone conference in Sugar Hill. Elder Dube a member of the 70 came to speak to us and he is incredible! He was so funny and told us some cool stories about serving as a missionary and then a mission president in Africa! We focused on teaching and finding and I learned so many great things. He talked about his conversion story when he was given a Book of Mormon but didn't even open it until 2 years later. He challenged us to never give out a closed BoM and it inspired me. He said that you have to open it and share at least something that has personally helped you. Give them that real reason to open it up and read it! The other thing that he talked about is how we are assigned to missions. He said we aren't assigned to missions but to mission presidents. We have a connection with him and that we are placed in the missions we are placed in because of the mission president! That was so amazing to me! President and Sister Bennion are incredible and I know that because of them I am in this mission. They are truly inspired and I am so grateful for all they do. They have changed my life and I love them both! That night we went to dinner and then went to check on a referral. Her name is Angela and we have been trying to see her for awhile. We pulled up and she was so excited to see us. We gave her the bible and started getting to know a little bit. We tried to apply everything we had just learned from elder Dube and saw a miracle! We started with how to begin teaching and began ro teach her the restoration. We taught very simply and were respectful of her time, she loved it and it was a very powerful lesson. As I went to hand her a copy of the BoM the thought as if someone whispered it said "never give out a closed BoM!" I opened it up and read Moroni's Promise and shared my testimony that I have prayed and I know without a doubt that the BoM is true and it will change your life. She replied " Just from reading that piece makes me wanna read this book." I couldn't believe it, we then asked if we could come back and not only teach her but her family. We set an appointment to come back this next week! As we prayed with her and walked away she said " wow y'all really just lifted my spirits!" It was so amazing and really strengthened my testimony! I know Elder Dube is truly called of God and so inspired.

Saturday afternoon we had a great lesson with Dylan. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went so well! He understood everything and always has great questions. He put himself on date for June 11th and is super excited. He says he always knew baptism was something he wanted to do and knew at some point he would. It is so incredible to me to think back on the Lisa miracle and how we thought it was for Lisa when now we realize it was so we could teach Dylan. This amazing kid that is like any other 15 year old I know. He is so mature and wants so bad to follow Christ and do what's right. God always has a plan and always answers our prayers. His blessings are far more than we can ever imagine or comprehend! He is the one who can see the big picture!(:

Sunday was ward conference and it was so good! The theme of the day was where can I turn for peace? The bishop gave an incredible talk on spiritual anchors and finding peace through Jesus Christ. Kieren came to church again this week and loved it! That night we had a really good lesson with her! She had some questions for us that we were able to answer and help clear things up. Then we started from the beginning and taught her the Restoration! She asked great questions and was so into it. We shared the 5 minute restoration video at the end and she loved it. The spirit was so strong and she got emotional as she began to tell us how bad she wants to know the truth. She has such a real desire and it is so incredible! I love that girl! It was a spectacular ending to a great week!

This week Sister Holmgren and I were reading in 2 Nephi 3:15. When Lehi is talking to his son Joseph about Joseph (the amazing technicolor dream coat guy) who is talking about Joseph smith Jr son of Joseph Smith Junior! They knew that the BoM was going to happen and be translated by Joseph Smith! Wow! Isn't that so incredible?? I'm so grateful for the BoM and know it to be true! Make sure you are reading it everyday, even if it is just a verse! I promise it will make a difference in your everyday life and bring you so much peace! I love y'all so much! Have a blessed week! :)

Love, Sister Hosman❤️๐Ÿ‘

PS with Memorial Day being next Monday, preparation day will be on Tuesday!(:

Exchanges with Sister Merritt

So fun to see Sister Russell again at our combined zone conference! We served together in Ksaw!❤️

Not the best pic but this is the wonderful Carroll Family! They have been baptized for almost a year and are preparing to go to the temple!!๐Ÿ˜€

Monday, May 16, 2016

5.16.16 I love to see the Temple!

Hello y'all! Monday night we had 2 incredible lessons! We had a church tour with Glenda and Edward and it went really well! They loved it and Glenda is so elect. The church has such a special spirit and they could really feel it. After that we went to see Lisa and taught her the rest of the plan of salvation. Brother Brown and Brother Christensen came and gave her a blessing. It was so incredible and the spirit was so strong! Lisa was so emotional and it was an incredible night. I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood that had been restored to the earth.

Tuesday we had zone meeting and it was so great! We focused on how to begin teaching and comp unity! They told us a story about Elder Packer when they were writing preach my gospel. He was awoken from his sleep one night and started to write down all these different things about how to be him teaching. In the morning he took it in and they put it into preach my gospel. A couple weeks later they brought a finished copy to the apostles to be approved before printing. They had changed what Elder Packer submitted just a little bit so that it could better flow with the rest of preach my gospel. When Elder Packer read it he took it right back and said they needed to change it to the original way he had it. That it was direct revelation from God! Preach my Gospel is an incredible book and every word is in there for a reason. I have loved studying it from it each morning and my testimony grows more and more each day because of it.

We also talked about comp unity and different examples in the scriptures. One of the greatest examples I had never thought of before is Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in the first vision. One of them didn't just talk the whole time but Heavenly Father spoke and then Jesus Christ testified! So powerful! Comp unity is so important as we teach the gospel! After zone meeting we had to drop the UGA sisters off on campus and then go get the nail out of our tire. That evening we went down to social circle to teach the Andersons. We showed the video "The Savior wants to forgive" and they loved it! We can never do anything to wrong or stray far enough off the path that Heavenly Father won't love us. He will always love us no matter what. I am so grateful for that knowledge and for the time I have to share it with my brothers and sisters in Georgia!

Wednesday morning we went to visit with Maw- Maw! She is so cute and always talking about her family. Then we felt like we should go check on Sister Martin and she was so happy to see us! She said she wouldn't have woken up for work if we wouldn't have come! Haha she is so funny and we had a great lesson with her. She was so excited to have this weekend off so she could come to church! After that we went to see Rodney and we talked about the PoS. He told us that he knows the BoM is true and that there is just something different about us. It was so cool! We had two more bible referrals and they both went really well. We were able to teach the restoration and are going back to teach them both in the next couple weeks! Then we met Brother Brown and went to visit Courtney. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it went really well! Brother Brown told her a bit of his conversion story and the spirit was so strong! She understood it all and said it all just made so much sense. This gospel just makes sense because this is Christ's church! That night we had an awesome ward correlation! So fun to be in a fantastic ward with two sets of sisters!(:

Thursday was a terrific day! We got up early and got to go to the temple! It took us forever to get there with Atlanta traffic but it was so worth it! As soon as I walked in the doors I was filled with peace. The Bennions encouraged us to ponder the laws of sacrifice and consecration as we went through the session. To think about how they apply to us as missionaries! It was super cool and a lot of things stuck out to me that I hadn't noticed before. It was an incredible experience and I am so grateful for the temple! They really are heaven on earth! After the session we had interviews with President and Sister Bennion which was great! Then we rushed back to see Keiren and she is doing really well! I am so proud of her!
After that we went to see Jessica and her mom. We taught the gospel of Jesus Christ very simply and it went really well. Jessica was a bit distracted because her friend was over but we were able to answer her friends questions and it was great! We taught them both how to pray and they each said a closing prayer for us at the end of the lesson! It was awesome! Jessica has been coming home and reading from the children's BoM almost everyday! That night Michaela took us to dinner and it was delicious! Then we went and had a great lesson with Keiren and made some goals! It was a really good day!(:

Friday we spent the morning and some of the afternoon weekly planning! Then we went to the nursing home to see Sister Ratz and Immogene. They were both really happy to see us and we had good lessons with both of them. Then we went to check on some more referrals and met some great people! That night Brother Brown called to see if we wanted to meet him and his wife for dinner. It was delicious and a lot of fun! They are a great family and his conversion story is incredible! 

Saturday morning we had Sister Pennington pick us up and went to check on a bible referral named Michael. He was very nice and didn't have a faith in Jesus Christ. We got to know him a bit and then began to teach him the restoration. The spirit was so strong and it was an incredible lesson. It was seriously one of the best lessons of my mission. However he said that he would just like to stick with the bible and it was so sad. I know we planted a very important seed that morning and you never know what could happen.

Sunday morning we were really worried because Keiren wasn't answering her phone. We got to church and the meeting started with still no Kieren. A couple minutes later I look up and see her and Marcus walking in! We were so happy and I can't explain the joy that filled my heart! She was able to stay for Sunday school before she had to go to work and loved it! Brother Brown taught and did an incredible job. We talked about Jesus Christ church in modern times and she asked really good questions. Everyone loved her and it was so wonderful!
After church we went to the Kalanuis for lunch and scripture study! They always make the best food and it was so delicious! Next we went to help sweet Sister Hutchins clean her house. We had to give her dog named Huck a bath, that was super fun! Them the Cooks had us over for dinner and it was super yummy! That night we had a lesson at Maw- Maws with Charles. We showed him a video called "The Hope of Gods Light", he lived it so much! We had a really good lesson with him about prayer and enduring to the end. He knows the church to be true and is so ready!! It is still such a miracle to me how we were able to meet him that very first day! He has picked June 4th to be baptized and is a little nervous but very excited! It was truly a delightful sabbath!

Thank y'all for your prayers and support! I feel so blessed and couldn't do it with you!! Hope all is going well for y'all! Have a blessed week! Remember God loves YOU and he has a perfect plan! I love y'all! Xoxo
 Love, Sister Hosman๐Ÿ‘❤️

Slushies and car wash time!

The brunette sisters...

The one and only beautiful Kieren! 

Sister Kutterer is in Athen's and I'm so happy about it!  (They went in the MTC together)

Temple time! 

The Athen's Zone - May 2016

Monday, May 9, 2016

5.9.16 Pray, He is there!

Hey y'all! Hope all is going well and that you had an incredible week! It was a wonderful week here filled with miracles and it was so good to talk to the fam!(: 

Monday was such a fun day spent with the sisters in down town Athens! It was so fun to be on a college campus again. We went to butt hutt for lunch and it was delicious barbecue! That night we had a lesson with Glenda and Edward, the bishop came with us too! It went really well and they loved Bishop Carter. Glenda has read 1 Nephi 12 times and is now answering Edwards questions about it! She is so elect and so ready for this gospel! It's is so incredible. 

Tuesday morning we had a great district meeting! They are closing an area so we are loosing a set of elders. We will have 3 sets of sisters and one set do elders for this next transfer! After district meeting we had great lessons with Kaiden and Montel. Kaiden has been reading and praying which is so awesome! That night we went to social circle to see the Anderson family. Sister Anderson wasn't home and had kind of forgot that we were coming but it all worked out! We met Seth who is 15 and he was so happy to see us! He misses going to church so much and we talked about the atonement. He is the sweetest kid and asked if he could meet the bishop. It was amazing to me to see a young kid who knew he needed to change and was so willing. 

Wednesday was a wonderful day! That morning we went to see Angela with Sister Bell. We haven't been able to see her in a while because she has been so busy with finals for culinary school. It was so good to see her and she was so happy to see us again! She has a son who is on a mission and she couldn't wait to tell us that he was a district leader and ask us what that really meant. It was so cool! We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and the spirit was so strong. She was really feeling it and began to explain that she loves when we come over because of the feeling she gets and all that she learns. She said that whenever she walked into her sons room that feeling just overwhelmed her. Now she uses it has her "prayer room" while he is gone, so sweet! We invited her to be baptized and she said she would pray about it. Her faith is so strong and she has the deepest love for her family! It was an incredible lesson. That afternoon we had some other really good lessons. We went tracting and met this really cool guy named Paul. We taught him the restoration and when we were done he asked us as he pointed to the BoM "is that the only copy you have of that book?" He was really excited to read it and we are going back in a couple weeks! It was so cool! We just had a little bit of time but decided to knock a couple houses and I am so glad that we did! Heavenly Father is preparing people every minute. That night we went to correlation and youth night with Kaiden. It was a really good day!(: 

Thursday was a terrific day!  That morning we went and saw Maw-Maw which is always great!! She is so loving and so fun to talk to! After lunch we met Witt at the church and have him a church tour! (he is the one I talked about a couple weeks ago behind the red door) Sister Carter met us there and it was awesome!! He had some great questions and the spirit was so strong!! I am so grateful to have Christs restored church here on the earth today! After that we went to visit the Normans, they are so funny! He told us that he is convinced we are brainwashed! He knows the BoM is true and wants to come to church still though! We couldn't even get a word in but we think he is just confused. Next we went to the nursing home to see Immogene and Sister Ratz. We did puzzles with them and talked about service. It was a lot of fun!(: That evening we had a delicious dinner at the Carrolls and talked to them about missionary work. They are a great family and the funniest boys! To end a great day we went and saw Kieren. She was having a rough day but is so strong! We still had fun laughing of course an I love her so much! 

Friday was a day of service! That morning we did yard work which was super fun. Then all afternoon we helped the bishops family pack to move. It was great and we had a lot of fun! They are the cutest family and I love them so much! That night we went to see Kieren and she is doing well! We helped her organize her room and shared a scripture with her. She is asking her work off on Sunday's so she can come to church! Her faith is amazing and she is so positive. I love her tons and am so proud of her! 

Saturday morning we had a lesson with Charles. We met at Taco Bell so that we could see Kieren as well. Charles is doing great, we taught him the law of tithing. He agreed with everything and it was an awesome lesson! We are working towards baptism and have a goal of June 4th! After that we visited with Kieren for a bit while she was on break. That afternoon we went to do service with sister stone. We helped her plant flowers and it was so much fun! We made her and her husband lunch and they are the greatest! Then we went to share a message with Sister Smith for Mother's Day! She is the one who came to church last week who hadn't been in a long time! She loved it and everyone was so happy to see her! We took a minute to put in lessons and look at our goals. We needed a couple more lessons and so before we went to dinner we prayed for help. Oh my goodness! He hears our prayers and we immediately saw miracles. We went into dinner and had to wait a little while for the husband to get back with some cups. At first we were worried because we were supposed to be somewhere at 7 but everything truly happens for a reason! We were finishing eating getting ready to share a spiritual message when 3 girls walked in. They were friends of the kids and had been to the church a couple times for church or youth night. We shared a message about prayer and that we all have a loving Heavenly Father. They loved it! Then our 7 o'clock appointment fell through so we decided to go check on a potential. There was a guy who was so happy to see us and asked us all sorts of questions including if he could come to our church next week! We shared the because of him video and talked about how everything we have his because of him. We taught parts of the restoration and it was so awesome! It amazes me everyday that everything truly happens for a reason. It is all part of God's plan and he really does hear and answers our prayers! It was a wonderful day! :) 

Sunday was a spectacular day! Church was great and those three girls from Saturday night were able to come! They are so cute and loved it. We are going to start teaching them in the Christensen's  home soon!(: After church we went over to read scriptures with the Kalanuis! They are from Hawaii and such a great family! Most of the family is less active now but we are going to read with them every Sunday and work on bringing them back! Sister K is the sweetest, she picked us fresh strawberries and they were delicious! Then we went to visit the Polsten family. The dad is a member but the rest of the family is not. They are so cute and love the missionaries! We shared a Mother's Day message with them and it was great! For lunch we went to the bishops house for lunch and to skype Gremmys fam! The bishop made chicken curry and it was delicious! That evening we had dinner at the Gosslings and for dessert she made delicious chocolate chip cookies. She asked if we wanted to take some home but knowing we would eat them and didn't need them we said no. The husband insisted we take a plate and give them to one of our investigators. Knowing that we just had to go skype my family and then head home for the night we didn't know what to do but took them anyways. When we got in the car we had a text from Lisa!! We were so happy we didn't know what to do!! She asked if we could come over sometime tomorrow. We happened to be right by her house and had a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. We texted and said that we would be there in 10 minutes. She was so happy to see us and apologized for being so sick. We were able to share a Mother's Day message with her and meet her son who wants to start taking the lessons! It was such a miracle and we were able to meet our goal as well because of it! It was SO fun to talk to the family and a perfect ending to a fantastic day! 

I hope y'all had a wonderful Mother's Day and a great week! I can't thank you enough for your support and prayers! I am so grateful for the restoration and all the many blessings we have because of it! I know God hears and answers our prayers. He loves each of us more than we can ever imagine. He is in charge and has a beautiful plan for all of us! Don't forget to read and pray! Love y'all!❤️

Love, Sister Hosman๐Ÿ‘

District meeting

Such cute companions!  Rachael loves her "Gremmy" :-)

Monday, May 2, 2016

5.2.16 Goodbye Spring and Hello Summer

Hey y'all! It was another peachy week here! Summer heat and rain is here, it is so green! It's transfer day but I am happy to say that I will be staying in Monroe with the wonderful Sister Homlgren!(: 

Monday night we had the most amazing lesson with Edward and Glenda. Finding them was a total miracle that happened the second week we were here. We were trying to find an unknown but met Glenda and then her husband Edward who was a member of the church! We took the Warrens with us, who are a senior couple in the ward who just returned from a mission. It was so perfect and they loved them! Brother Warren totally connected with Edward and they just talked forever. Meanwhile Sister Warren helped us teach Glenda about the restoration. Glenda already has such a strong testimony of the BoM and was teaching us about Joseph Smith! It was incredible and the spirit was so strong! She is so elect and I know the ward will just love them! It was an amazing lesson and I am just so grateful for the restoration!

Tuesday was a great day! We had district meeting that morning, which is always awesome. That afternoon we dropped by lots of people and had some good lessons. Tuesday's highlight was definitely that night. We had dinner with Sister Stone and Charles came. It was so much fun and delicious! We talked about temples and family history work. Charles said he always knew families were together forever, he just didn't know how! It was so cool and he is so elect!

Wednesday morning we had a lesson with Reverend Norman and his wife. It went really well and we are able to better help understand the BoM. We read 3 Nephi 11 and talked about our purpose of life. He told us he wanted us to come speak to the people at his church! Lol! That afternoon we went to the nursing home to see some less actives and an investigator. But that night was so wonderful! Sister Bell brought dinner to the church for us and the Loganville sisters. Then Sister Palmer came with me and Sister H went with Sister Merritt for exchange. We went down to social circle to meet the Anderson family. We have been wanting to meet them since we got here, and invited Brother Nye to come with us. Turns out he was their home teacher, but hasn't seen them in 6 years! When we got there a girl named Katy opened the door, who was their cousin. We went in and Brother Nye and Sister Anderson got to catch up. Katy sat down and said that she had never heard anything about the Mormons, but that she loved Jesus Christ. We began to tell her about the BoM and she was so excited! As soon as we handed her a copy, she opened it right up and began to read! She loved it and is so excited to come to church on Sunday! She had gotten in town that day and it was such a miracle! We got the family together and shared Because of Him and they loved it! It was a wonderful day!(: 

Thursday I had a greenie in Monroe with me and it was so fun! That morning we went to visit Sister Martin and she was so happy to see us! We showed her President Monson's talk from this conference and helped her clean up her house a bit. Sister Freeman took us out to lunch to "Cotton Cafe" and it was delicious! That afternoon we decided to go check on Rodney. In our first couple days here the sisters went tracting and met a guy named Gerrode, but when we went back to visit him, we met his dad, Rodney! He was very happy to see us and said that it must be a sign. We taught him the restoration and got to know him a bit. He is a great guy and was so nice! We invited him to church on Sunday, and he said he would be there! It was so cool!! But wait, there are more miracles! After that we went to see the Reynolds, a less active family we have been wanting to meet since we got here. Sister Reynolds let us right in and we got to know her a bit. She doesn't come to church, because she wants to keep the peace in her home, and her husband's family has their own church. Then she began to tell us about her 8 year old daughter named Jessica. She said she had found her reading from the BoM several times and she is always asking her questions! Jessica had just come up to her with the picture of Joseph Smith in the front of the BoM and told her mom all about him. When her mom asked Jessica how she knew that, Jessica's reply was "I read it!" I couldn't believe it! She told us that Jessica would be home from school soon and if we wanted to wait we could meet her. We waited a bit and when Jessica first met us she was super shy. We talked a little bit more about Joseph Smith and went through the other pictures in the front. We then taught her how to pray and it was so cute! We are going back next week to bring her a children's Book of Mormon! It was so amazing to meet a little 8 year old girl who knew that this was an important book and was being an example to her mom! That night we exchanged back and then went and had a lesson with Kieren! It was so much fun and we laughed lots! We talked about what it means to be a daughter of God and made some goals with her. She has the most amazing attitude and is so positive! I love her so much!(:

Friday was a fantastic day! We spent the morning weekly planning and then dropped by people in the afternoon. The highlight was that night, when all our lessons had cancelled. We had no idea what to do and decided to go check on a referral. He wasn't home, so we decided to try his next door neighbor. We ended up sharing "Because of Him" with the neighbor, and he really liked it! We began telling him about the BoM and taught him the restoration. He had some really good questions and said that it all made sense! He said he would read and pray about the BoM and we are going back next week! It was awesome and I know that is right where we needed to be that night! God always has a plan, he is in the details. This is his work, and he will get it done!

Saturday morning we spent doing service and it was super fun! We pulled lots of weeds and helped move dirt! It is getting so hot and humid, and summer is here! That afternoon we dropped by lots of different people. We met with Courtney and committed her to read the BoM everyday this week. We talked about the importance of daily prayer and scripture study and the difference it makes in our lives. That night we went to visit Maw-Maw and her grandson, Jesse, was there. He is so sweet and we gave him a children's BoM. His family doesn't go to church really anymore, and he was telling us how much he misses it. We read the story about Joseph Smith from the children's BoM and he loved it! It was super cool! 

Sunday we were so sad--none of our investigators were able to come to church. Saturday night they all cancelled on us, which was hard, but we had so many less actives come! It was incredible, people who hadn't come to church in years! We had a wonderful testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong! In Sunday School we talked about the Lord's covenant people. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to help people come to the gospel and be apart of that great covenant. Our covenants are like spiritual safety nets. Trust in those promises, and during hard times fall back on them. Draw strength from them.  God always keeps his promises. This gospel is so incredible! In Relief Society we talked about "Finding Joy in the Journey!" One day we will all run out of tomorrow's.  Every day we have is such a blessing, take advantage of every minute! That day we were able to meet lots of wonderful people and see some less actives. It was really good!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there this week! I am so grateful for each and every one of you and the influence you have had on my life! You are doing God's work as you care for his precious children. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I love each and every one of you! ❤️๐Ÿ˜˜

 Love, Sister Hosman ๐Ÿ‘

Exchanges with Sister Palmer this week!  I had her in Monroe with me for the day!

These pictures were taken at a Sister's Preparation Day in downtown Athen's (UGA) it was so fun to see the other campus!