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Monday, May 23, 2016

5.23.16 Time flies when you're having fun!

Hey y'all! It was another great week, here are some highlights of the week!

Tuesday we were in exchanges and Sister Merritt was here in Monroe with me! That morning we went to see Debi and she is doing great! She had read the testimony of Joseph smith and had some great questions about it! We committed her to come to church next week and she is excited! Then we felt like we should go drop by Sister Martin and she was so happy to see us! She said that if we wouldn't have come she would have never woken up for work! She is the funniest lady and we got to share a little message with her!(: That afternoon we had a lesson with Charles at Maw-Maw's house! We were in the middle of the lesson with a guy walked out of his mothers apartment. Maw-Maw said "hey Ben!" and he walked over! Suddenly he started talked about teaching gospel principles and how he missed the missionaries! Sister Merritt and I just looked at each other so confused. We asked him a couple questions and turns out he was a member who hadn't been to church in years because of a job he got that made him work on Sunday's. He sat down and joined us for the rest of the lesson and bore his testimony to Charles. It was the coolest thing. He told Charles that he was doing the right thing and that this was the one true church! He told us he was so glad he saw us and knew it was a sign from God. He will be at church next week and we are so excited! It was a super cool miracle!(:

Wednesday was a wonderful day! We had a busy afternoon that started with a great lesson with Kaiden! We decided to start of the beginning with the lessons and have a fresh start. She committed to start from the beginning with the BoM. It was great! Then we had a really good lesson with Dylan. We started off asking him about his questions and they all had to do with the restoration or plan on salvation. So we taught him those lessons and he loved it. He was so into it and said it all made so much sense. We really focused on prayer and the importance of it. He said he really missed praying and going to church like he did when he was younger. He is so great and it was an awesome lesson! Next we went and had a lesson with the Carroll family! We talked about baptism and conformation. They have almost been baptized for a year and are preparing to go to the temple. They have grown so much and have such strong testimonies. They are so great and it was an awesome lesson! That night we went to the church to help the activity girls with their clothes/book drive for the refugee families that are coming to Georgia! It was a really cool experience and we had a lot of success!

Friday was so fantastic! We got up real early to go to a special zone conference in Sugar Hill. Elder Dube a member of the 70 came to speak to us and he is incredible! He was so funny and told us some cool stories about serving as a missionary and then a mission president in Africa! We focused on teaching and finding and I learned so many great things. He talked about his conversion story when he was given a Book of Mormon but didn't even open it until 2 years later. He challenged us to never give out a closed BoM and it inspired me. He said that you have to open it and share at least something that has personally helped you. Give them that real reason to open it up and read it! The other thing that he talked about is how we are assigned to missions. He said we aren't assigned to missions but to mission presidents. We have a connection with him and that we are placed in the missions we are placed in because of the mission president! That was so amazing to me! President and Sister Bennion are incredible and I know that because of them I am in this mission. They are truly inspired and I am so grateful for all they do. They have changed my life and I love them both! That night we went to dinner and then went to check on a referral. Her name is Angela and we have been trying to see her for awhile. We pulled up and she was so excited to see us. We gave her the bible and started getting to know a little bit. We tried to apply everything we had just learned from elder Dube and saw a miracle! We started with how to begin teaching and began ro teach her the restoration. We taught very simply and were respectful of her time, she loved it and it was a very powerful lesson. As I went to hand her a copy of the BoM the thought as if someone whispered it said "never give out a closed BoM!" I opened it up and read Moroni's Promise and shared my testimony that I have prayed and I know without a doubt that the BoM is true and it will change your life. She replied " Just from reading that piece makes me wanna read this book." I couldn't believe it, we then asked if we could come back and not only teach her but her family. We set an appointment to come back this next week! As we prayed with her and walked away she said " wow y'all really just lifted my spirits!" It was so amazing and really strengthened my testimony! I know Elder Dube is truly called of God and so inspired.

Saturday afternoon we had a great lesson with Dylan. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and it went so well! He understood everything and always has great questions. He put himself on date for June 11th and is super excited. He says he always knew baptism was something he wanted to do and knew at some point he would. It is so incredible to me to think back on the Lisa miracle and how we thought it was for Lisa when now we realize it was so we could teach Dylan. This amazing kid that is like any other 15 year old I know. He is so mature and wants so bad to follow Christ and do what's right. God always has a plan and always answers our prayers. His blessings are far more than we can ever imagine or comprehend! He is the one who can see the big picture!(:

Sunday was ward conference and it was so good! The theme of the day was where can I turn for peace? The bishop gave an incredible talk on spiritual anchors and finding peace through Jesus Christ. Kieren came to church again this week and loved it! That night we had a really good lesson with her! She had some questions for us that we were able to answer and help clear things up. Then we started from the beginning and taught her the Restoration! She asked great questions and was so into it. We shared the 5 minute restoration video at the end and she loved it. The spirit was so strong and she got emotional as she began to tell us how bad she wants to know the truth. She has such a real desire and it is so incredible! I love that girl! It was a spectacular ending to a great week!

This week Sister Holmgren and I were reading in 2 Nephi 3:15. When Lehi is talking to his son Joseph about Joseph (the amazing technicolor dream coat guy) who is talking about Joseph smith Jr son of Joseph Smith Junior! They knew that the BoM was going to happen and be translated by Joseph Smith! Wow! Isn't that so incredible?? I'm so grateful for the BoM and know it to be true! Make sure you are reading it everyday, even if it is just a verse! I promise it will make a difference in your everyday life and bring you so much peace! I love y'all so much! Have a blessed week! :)

Love, Sister Hosman❤️🍑

PS with Memorial Day being next Monday, preparation day will be on Tuesday!(:

Exchanges with Sister Merritt

So fun to see Sister Russell again at our combined zone conference! We served together in Ksaw!❤️

Not the best pic but this is the wonderful Carroll Family! They have been baptized for almost a year and are preparing to go to the temple!!😀

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