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Monday, May 2, 2016

5.2.16 Goodbye Spring and Hello Summer

Hey y'all! It was another peachy week here! Summer heat and rain is here, it is so green! It's transfer day but I am happy to say that I will be staying in Monroe with the wonderful Sister Homlgren!(: 

Monday night we had the most amazing lesson with Edward and Glenda. Finding them was a total miracle that happened the second week we were here. We were trying to find an unknown but met Glenda and then her husband Edward who was a member of the church! We took the Warrens with us, who are a senior couple in the ward who just returned from a mission. It was so perfect and they loved them! Brother Warren totally connected with Edward and they just talked forever. Meanwhile Sister Warren helped us teach Glenda about the restoration. Glenda already has such a strong testimony of the BoM and was teaching us about Joseph Smith! It was incredible and the spirit was so strong! She is so elect and I know the ward will just love them! It was an amazing lesson and I am just so grateful for the restoration!

Tuesday was a great day! We had district meeting that morning, which is always awesome. That afternoon we dropped by lots of people and had some good lessons. Tuesday's highlight was definitely that night. We had dinner with Sister Stone and Charles came. It was so much fun and delicious! We talked about temples and family history work. Charles said he always knew families were together forever, he just didn't know how! It was so cool and he is so elect!

Wednesday morning we had a lesson with Reverend Norman and his wife. It went really well and we are able to better help understand the BoM. We read 3 Nephi 11 and talked about our purpose of life. He told us he wanted us to come speak to the people at his church! Lol! That afternoon we went to the nursing home to see some less actives and an investigator. But that night was so wonderful! Sister Bell brought dinner to the church for us and the Loganville sisters. Then Sister Palmer came with me and Sister H went with Sister Merritt for exchange. We went down to social circle to meet the Anderson family. We have been wanting to meet them since we got here, and invited Brother Nye to come with us. Turns out he was their home teacher, but hasn't seen them in 6 years! When we got there a girl named Katy opened the door, who was their cousin. We went in and Brother Nye and Sister Anderson got to catch up. Katy sat down and said that she had never heard anything about the Mormons, but that she loved Jesus Christ. We began to tell her about the BoM and she was so excited! As soon as we handed her a copy, she opened it right up and began to read! She loved it and is so excited to come to church on Sunday! She had gotten in town that day and it was such a miracle! We got the family together and shared Because of Him and they loved it! It was a wonderful day!(: 

Thursday I had a greenie in Monroe with me and it was so fun! That morning we went to visit Sister Martin and she was so happy to see us! We showed her President Monson's talk from this conference and helped her clean up her house a bit. Sister Freeman took us out to lunch to "Cotton Cafe" and it was delicious! That afternoon we decided to go check on Rodney. In our first couple days here the sisters went tracting and met a guy named Gerrode, but when we went back to visit him, we met his dad, Rodney! He was very happy to see us and said that it must be a sign. We taught him the restoration and got to know him a bit. He is a great guy and was so nice! We invited him to church on Sunday, and he said he would be there! It was so cool!! But wait, there are more miracles! After that we went to see the Reynolds, a less active family we have been wanting to meet since we got here. Sister Reynolds let us right in and we got to know her a bit. She doesn't come to church, because she wants to keep the peace in her home, and her husband's family has their own church. Then she began to tell us about her 8 year old daughter named Jessica. She said she had found her reading from the BoM several times and she is always asking her questions! Jessica had just come up to her with the picture of Joseph Smith in the front of the BoM and told her mom all about him. When her mom asked Jessica how she knew that, Jessica's reply was "I read it!" I couldn't believe it! She told us that Jessica would be home from school soon and if we wanted to wait we could meet her. We waited a bit and when Jessica first met us she was super shy. We talked a little bit more about Joseph Smith and went through the other pictures in the front. We then taught her how to pray and it was so cute! We are going back next week to bring her a children's Book of Mormon! It was so amazing to meet a little 8 year old girl who knew that this was an important book and was being an example to her mom! That night we exchanged back and then went and had a lesson with Kieren! It was so much fun and we laughed lots! We talked about what it means to be a daughter of God and made some goals with her. She has the most amazing attitude and is so positive! I love her so much!(:

Friday was a fantastic day! We spent the morning weekly planning and then dropped by people in the afternoon. The highlight was that night, when all our lessons had cancelled. We had no idea what to do and decided to go check on a referral. He wasn't home, so we decided to try his next door neighbor. We ended up sharing "Because of Him" with the neighbor, and he really liked it! We began telling him about the BoM and taught him the restoration. He had some really good questions and said that it all made sense! He said he would read and pray about the BoM and we are going back next week! It was awesome and I know that is right where we needed to be that night! God always has a plan, he is in the details. This is his work, and he will get it done!

Saturday morning we spent doing service and it was super fun! We pulled lots of weeds and helped move dirt! It is getting so hot and humid, and summer is here! That afternoon we dropped by lots of different people. We met with Courtney and committed her to read the BoM everyday this week. We talked about the importance of daily prayer and scripture study and the difference it makes in our lives. That night we went to visit Maw-Maw and her grandson, Jesse, was there. He is so sweet and we gave him a children's BoM. His family doesn't go to church really anymore, and he was telling us how much he misses it. We read the story about Joseph Smith from the children's BoM and he loved it! It was super cool! 

Sunday we were so sad--none of our investigators were able to come to church. Saturday night they all cancelled on us, which was hard, but we had so many less actives come! It was incredible, people who hadn't come to church in years! We had a wonderful testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong! In Sunday School we talked about the Lord's covenant people. I am so grateful for this opportunity I have to help people come to the gospel and be apart of that great covenant. Our covenants are like spiritual safety nets. Trust in those promises, and during hard times fall back on them. Draw strength from them.  God always keeps his promises. This gospel is so incredible! In Relief Society we talked about "Finding Joy in the Journey!" One day we will all run out of tomorrow's.  Every day we have is such a blessing, take advantage of every minute! That day we were able to meet lots of wonderful people and see some less actives. It was really good!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mothers out there this week! I am so grateful for each and every one of you and the influence you have had on my life! You are doing God's work as you care for his precious children. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I love each and every one of you! ❤️😘

 Love, Sister Hosman 🍑

Exchanges with Sister Palmer this week!  I had her in Monroe with me for the day!

These pictures were taken at a Sister's Preparation Day in downtown Athen's (UGA) it was so fun to see the other campus!

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