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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5.31.16 Sacrifice=Love❤️

Hey y'all! This last week had been great and I have learned so much! Here is a little update on a couple of our wonderful investigators!

Kieren is doing so great! We started to re teach her the lessons and it has been so great! This last week we went and watched the restoration videos with her and she loved them! When the video finished she sat back and said " y'all I've been praying so hard but I know I need to be reading the BoM too!" To us it was kind of like uhhh well duh but to her everything just clicked! She wants to know the truth for herself so bad. She has made some great progress and loves coming to church. She told her job she no longer can work on Sunday's so that she will be able to come every week and stay for all three hours. We are so proud of her and just love her so much! Her family is so great and every time we go over their hearts soften more and more. They now come in and want to pray with us, they are becoming so supportive of Keiren and it is amazing!

Charles is doing great and loved church on Sunday! He is still funny as ever and loves this gospel. He was on date to be baptized this Saturday but will be out of town for a family reunion. He will be baptized in the next couple weeks and is so ready! Every time we meet with him I reflect on the miracle of meeting him that first day and it is so wonderful. When we went to visit the Anderson family this week the mom had a friend over named star. She was so sweet and had a strong desire to learn more. We got to talk to her for a bit and are hoping to be able to teach her more. There is a cute 15 year old in the ward named Grace and she brought her friend Kenny to youth night last week . We talked to him for a little bit and were able to meet with him this week. He is 17 and a super sweet kid. We gave him a church tour on Saturday morning and he loved it. He had great questions and had a lot of interested in the baptismal font. Then yesterday we taught him the plan of salvation and it went really well. He picked up really fast and just kept saying how incredible it was!! It was so cool and we are excited to keep teaching him. We were blessed to meet some wonderful people this week! 

This last week I have been pondering sacrifice a lot. Sister Holmgren was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting on sacrifice and then we did a special, musical number with the other sisters of "I'll go where you want me to go." So the topic of sacrifice as been brought up suite a few times as you can imagine. I am feel so blessed to be able to make this sacrifice and be serving here in Georgia. I know that this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. On a mission you get asked almost daily the question "why did you come on a mission?" So I tell them why I decided to serve a mission. But if someone were to ask me why I stayed on a mission? Why I am here right now?? The answer would be totally different. I am here because of love. I love Georgia, I love the people, I love the work and I love the Lord! That is what makes all the sacrifice, all the hard days and all the slammed doors worth it. Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice, he died for you and me. He died for our sins, pains and afflictions. Why would someone give their life? The only reason I can think of is because of love. He loves you so much that he willingly gave his life for you! How incredible is that? Think about what Jesus Christ gave up for you. I am so grateful for the lords sacrifice for me and for this time I have to represent him. I know this is his church and this is his work. I am also incredibly thankful for the men and women who fought for our freedoms! Hope y'all had a wonderful Memorial Day and had time to think about the freedoms your grateful for! I love y'all so much! Have a blessed week! :)

Love, Sister Hosman🍑

Singing with the quadsquad! "I'll go where you want me to go" Feel so blessed that Heavenly Father called me to Georgia!🍑

Zone conference with Elder & Sister Dube

Welcome to summer y'all!😳 #notevenjuneyet

She's outstanding in the field, isn't she?

Horrible quality but words can't describe how much we love this girl (Kieren) and how proud we are of her! (No gremmy isn't choking me, her arms are just so long!)

Happy Memorial Day y'all!❤️

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