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Monday, December 7, 2015

12.7.15 ~ the news from KSU

Hey y'all!(: 
This is Jocelyn, she's going to be baptized Jan. 9th!
I can't believe it is already December! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! It's been a wonderfully busy week here in Big Shanty!

Wednesday was a wonderful day in Big Shanty! I had my first district meeting here, and it was great! Sister Blair gave a great training on setting goals. As a missionary I have learned how important it is to set goals. It gives us purpose and holds us accountable for something! If we show God that we are willingly he blesses the efforts to take to achieve them. When we try our best God makes up for the rest. After that we had lunch with some interesting guys on campus! We were able to answer their questions about missionary work and the gospel. Eating at the commons makes me feel as if I am back at the MTC!(: We had the most incredible lesson with Jocelyn. We talked about fasting and the hope of God's light. She has decided to be BAPTIZED on January 9th!! The spirit was so strong and it was truly amazing!(: We have been able to teach her almost everyday since I got here and I know she is so ready! We asked her to say the closing prayer for our lesson and you could tell she was so nervous. (She had never prayed with us or anyone out loud before) but she decided to do it! Her prayer was beautiful and you could feel God's love for her!(: wow! What a fantastic lesson! I love being a missionary!(: But wait the day isn't even over yet! Then we went contacting! My first time really walking up to college students and stopping them on their way to class. Little do they know how this can change their lives forever! It was actually a lot of fun and we met some great people! Next we had a great lesson with our investigator named Justin! He has cerebral palsy and is the sweetest guy! He has such a big heart and I just love him! It was rainy all day and so we had to go back to the apartment to get our coats before our next lesson. When we got to the apartment we realized our keys were in Sister Blairs coat, which she left in Woodstock from the meeting this morning. We borrowed the car and had a super fun adventure back to Woodstock to end our wonderful day!(:

Thursday was a cold day here on KSU! The humidity really does bite. No matter how many layers you wear it gets to your bones! It's crazy! On Thursday mornings we get to go volunteer at the food pantry. It was so much fun!(: we got to sort lots of food that had come in and pack bags for families. After that we had lunch Jocelyn, she is doing great and I am so excited for her! After that we had a great lesson with Andrew about temples. He is great guy and is growing so much. We are working on getting him temple worthy. It's so great!(: That night we had lots of fun at dinner with a member of the branch named Justin! He took us to this really good pizza place and it was amazing!(: We had one last great lesson for the day with a girl named Haley. She is the sweetest girl! It was another great day here on the campus!(:

Friday was a crazy day! We had a lesson with a guy named Robert. He brought two of his friends and luckily we had Justin and Hanson with us. They came loaded with ammo and tons of questions. It was an interesting lesson and I think stressed everyone out a bit. After that we had a great lesson with Andrew on prophets. I am so grateful to have a living prophet here on the earth today to help lead and guide us. That afternoon we got to go visit Mario. Who got baptized and never came back to church. We had a good lesson with him and he is planning on coming this Sunday. We ended the day just perfectly with an amazing lesson with Jocelyn! We read the talk called "Music of The Gospel." (Such a great talk!) she is learning the dance steps and rhythm of the gospel and doing so well! I love her so much and feel so blessed to teach her!(:

Saturday we did our weekly planning! We also got to have lunch with our awesome branch president and his wife. They are so sweet! That night we went to the commons and met with Jocelyn, Justin and Hansen for dinner! It was a lot of fun and we had a great lesson with them after. We talked about the atonement and how grateful we each are for it in our lives. Jocelyn's testimony is getting stronger and stronger every day. It is incredible and I am so grateful I get to be apart of it. After that we got to have a great lesson with Miles, a less active. We talked about the true spirit of Christmas. When you drop that last syllable everything changes. It becomes the spirit of Christ. Which is what it should be. I am so grateful for this beautiful Christmas season and the message of Christ I get to bring to my brothers and sisters. It was another great day!(:

Sunday was a gorgeous day!(: We had an incredible fast and testimony meeting. The theme seemed to be the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Jocelyn came and she bore her testimony! It was so amazing! She talked about how much she loves this gospel and how she knows it's true! For Sunday school the institute teacher came and taught. He is fantastic! We read and discussed in Revelations chapters 2 and 3! In chapter 3:16 we discussed how we can not be Luke warm. No fence sitters. He would rather us be totally wicked or totally righteous. He wants us to use the gift of agency. I challenge you with the same challenge he gave us. Do a temperature check. What temp are you to God? I love in chapter 3 verse 20. He is there knocking we just have to open the door! He will then come in and sit down and have dinner with us. That's how friendly he is. I love that so much! He wants to help us so bad he is just waiting for us to let him in.

After church we had break the fast! The theme was Christmas morning and it was delicious! Definitely a pro to being in the YSA branch(; After church we had a lesson with Nigel who is searching so hard for the truth but doesn't know it is right in front of him. We gave him a Book of Mormon and we are Praying for him. It is through the Book of Mormon he can find the truthfulness to our unique message. That night we took two of our investigators Justin and Jocelyn to the broadcast of the Christmas devotional. One of our less actives named Andrew wasn't planning on coming but then we told him President Uchtdorf would be speaking. (We actually had no idea and just took a leap of faith.) He said he would come and you can just imagine our relief when President Eyring announced that he would be the concluding speaker. I loved his talk so much! We need to remember the generous one. The reason for the season. I am so grateful for my loving Heavenly Father and savior Jesus Christ. I am so honored to wear his name everyday and be an instrument in his hands! A savior is born! If you haven't had the chance yet please check out the new Christmas video. It is so powerful! I love being a missionary especially at this wonderful time of year! Thank you all for everything you do for me! Your prayers and love keeps me going! Let us remember if we just drop that last syllable it becomes the spirit of Christ. It is because of him we are here and can have eternal life! I love this gospel and I love this season! Hope y'all have a blessed week! Love you all!❤️

~Sister Hosman­čŹĹ

That awkward handshake when you want to hug an old friend from you home ward, but you can't...
McKay Woodwell lives just a few doors down in our neighborhood.  They were called to the same mission, but Elder Woodwell was called to speak Spanish and has been there 6 weeks longer than Rachael!

Feeding a llama for FHE!

Sunset on KSU campus

Where the YSA branch meets on campus

It looks like Sister Blair is lots of fun!

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