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Monday, January 11, 2016

1.11.16 My 1st Baptism!!!

Hey y'all! This week was a bit of a roller coaster but It was great and I am looking forward to school starting today and campus being alive again!(:

Tuesday morning we had an awesome district meeting! The zone leaders came and Sister Russell gave a great training on the light of Christ. She used a cool glow stick analogy that every time you crack the glow stick it represents the light of Christ. Or what pulls or influences us to do good and be good. Everyone of us is born with it. As we continue to crack the glow stick the light of Christ becomes the power and gift of the Holy Ghost. Through the Holy Ghost we have constant
access to the godhead! How cool is that?? It was an awesome district meeting! After that we went to lunch with one of our less actives named Jessie for his birthday! He is such a cool guy and it was fun!(:

We then had to hurry back to meet with Andrew before he had to go work. He is really struggling and it is so sad. He wants to give up and has no hope left. We made him promise to hang on for one more week and are doing everything we can to help him. Please keep him in your prayers. After that we walked to campus to meet Justin!  On the way we were talking and we able to get a few contacts which was awesome! I had one more card in my hand and said a little prayer that I would find the perfect person to give it to. A couple people passed but no one felt right then I saw a guy Across the way. We went over and started talking to him as soon as I handed him the card he said "oh, y'all are LDS!" We said yes and then he informed us he is going to BYU Provo!!! He has one more semester at KSU and then is headed there in the fall. When we asked him what made him decide to go there he said, "eh it sounded interesting!" Wow! It was so cool and he wants to learn more and was very interested in meeting with us. We have an appointment with him on Thursday and we are very excited! We had a great lesson with Justin who is on date for January 23rd!!(: we are so excited!!! Although he is having some problems with KSU and might have to move home permanently. Which would mean we would have to hand him over to the other mission. Several missionaries and members of the branch are fasting for him this Sunday. He is the sweetest kid and I love him so much.

On Wednesday morning we had breakfast with Miles at Cracker Barrel. It was fun! We talked to him about what a blessing the knowledge of the gospel is and and how we are all missionaries. It's our duty to preach the gospel and share it with our brother and sisters. We gave him a card and invited him to give it to someone and invite them to be taught. It was great!(: After that we went and had a lesson with Amanda she was baptized in April and just got engaged. She is the
sweetest girl and has such a strong testimony. She shared with us her conversion story and it was incredible! She went through a lot but came out so strong. After that we had a lesson with Andrew who is doing better but still struggling. We talked about how the gospel blesses families and overcoming the fear of being a dad someday. It went better then yesterday and he actually opened up to us. We continue to pray for him and hope things gets better soon. Then we hurried to the branch to meet Justin and Brother Brooks. The lesson went really well and Brother Brooks was awesome. We talked about how we need to forgive ourselves and forget, let the atonement of Jesus Christ heal us. Also that trials are necessary and that God won't give us anything we can't handle. We were able to get a ride home which was such a blessing!(: We ended the day with an awesome over the phone lesson with Jocelyn! She has gone home for a couple days but we are really trying to stay in touch with her especially with it being the week of her baptism. She is doing great and is as excited as ever! We read a tslk from this last conference called "It Works Wonderfully." It was a wonderful and a good reminder on how we need to keep the gospel simple and start right where we are. Uchtdorf is so incredible!

Thursday was a rough day, we had lots of cancellations and some unexpected things come up. The highlight of the day was definitely our lesson with Justin that night with the Spanish elders. We were able to go through the baptismal questions and he passed with flying colors. Elder Woodwell was able to give him a presithood blessing and it was incredible. The spirit was so strong! I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood. After the blessing Justin was feeling much better and we are all looking forward to the 23rd!(:

Friday morning we were able to meet with Kelsey and Katelyn who are sisters and have gone less active. They are both so sweet and it was a great lesson! After that we went and had lunch with Jocelyn, she was a little nervous but mostly really looking forward to tomorrow! After that we went and had a quick lesson with Justin, right as the lesson ended a guy who was sitting across the way came and asked what kind of ministers we were. His name is Ryder and he was super cool! He had some questions we were able to answer and it was awesome! We spent the afternoon weekly planning! It was exciting with campus opening back up this week! Wahoo!(: That night we met with the Mackine family, Nick and Riley who we are trying to get to come to the branch! The lesson went great and Nick has been able to come to the branch so that's been

 Saturday was the most incredible day! We woke up and went to try to see some people before Jocelyns baptism but no luck. We headed to the Woodstock building to prepare for Jocelyns baptism! It was so amazing! Lots of members from the branch were able to come and it was so great! We were able to stand on the stairs as Mike baptized her and it was truly beautiful. Tears streamed down my face as I watched Jocelyn come back out of the water. The spirit was so strong and there really are no words to describe it. As she came up the stairs she was sobbing, I was able to wrap her towel around her and give her a hug. An unforgettable moment when everything is so worth it. Crazy to think just 6 weeks ago from that day was my first day here and we got lost going to her apartment. That first lesson and now she is baptized! She is such an amazing girl and had changed and grown so much! Her testimony is so strong and I am so happy for her! Her god mother came up to us after and thanked us for being apart of her life and that she can see how much Jocelyn had changed. It was so sweet!(:

After the baptism we all went to lunch at Chili's and it was lots of fun! Then we hurried back to help Miss Donna with some things at the food pantry.  Which is always awesome and filled with smiles and laughter! Then we got to go see Haylie a less active who just got back to school! She is so cute and is getting a ride with Jocelyn to church tomorrow so we are very excited! To end our night we went and checked up on Jocelyn.  She had some questions about the temple and is already looking forward to her next step. Baptism is only the beginning and I can't wait to see what the lord has in store for her. She is such an incredible girl!

Sunday was another wonderful day! We had lots of meetings but they were all great! We had an amazing sacrament meeting where we got to witness Jocelyn being confirmed. She was given the most beautiful blessing that talked about what a light she was to everyone around her. So true! It talked about her being a missionary and what a great plan Heavenly Father has in store for her! How cool is that!? Me and Sister Blair both started to cry. Then we had a farewell talk my Demetrius who is heading on his mission to Fiji! He is the funniest kid and gave a great talk on how obedience brings joy! After church we had more meetings but they weren't great and we have some awesome goals for 2016! With the new semester we have lots of people leaving the branch but also lots of new coming so that will be exciting! We had a lesson with Elizabeth and she told us that she has decided to serve a mission!!! What!! So cool! I am so happy for her and know that her testimony will bless many wherever she serves! She had some questions for us and we were able to talk to her about missionary work the importance of prayer and scripture study! She wants to start coming on team ups with us which is fantastic! 

That night there was a YSA devotional broadcast from BYU Hawaii! President and Sister Nelson spoke and it was  awesome! They both gave great talks about the YSA of this generation. Sister Nelson spoke on the atonement and how we all need a savior to be the person we were born to be. When we're desperate to be the person we were born to be we make changes. I loved her talk so much! Then President Nelson spoke and said that we are the millennial living in the eleventh hour. He suggested 4 things we need to all do:

1. Take time to find out who you are. Learn for yourself. Ask your Heavenly Father how he thinks of you and your mission here on earth.
2. Expect and prepare to do the impossible!
3. Learn how to access the power of Heaven
4. Follow the prophets

He gave a great fireside and we were able to get several recent converts and investigators there. I am so grateful for the apostles and prophets we have to help lead and guide us. It has been promised by the Lord that they will never lead us astray! They are truly called of God and we need to listen and need to their council as if it was coming straight from the Lord's mouth. I love this gospel so much and am so grateful for this amazing opportunity I have to share it with my brothers and sisters! I couldn't do it with out y'all! Thank you for your love and support! Love y'all! Have a blessed week!(:

~Sister Hosman­čŹĹ
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Twinner skirts with Jocelyn 

Look Mom, our family won the trip to Hawaii ;-)

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