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Monday, January 25, 2016

1.25.16 Snow in the Peach State!!!

Hey Yall! Hope y'all had a wonderful week and are staying warm! Even with the crazy "snow" and icy wind we were able to see lots of miracles and have a blessed week here in Big Shanty!

Tuesday was preparation day which was great! We went to a fun antique shop with the sisters and Jocelyn got us Georgia bears from build a bear! They are so cute and I love them so much! I have officially become a Georgia fan!(: we found this delicious burger place and shared some amazing French fries! Food in the south is just so good!

That night we had an awesome lesson with Elizabeth on following the prophet. She asked us to come with her to receive her patriarchal blessing and I am so excited! She is such an amazing girl and will be a fantastic missionary! I am so grateful for a living prophet to help lead and guide us on the earth today.

Wednesday morning we had the amazing world wide missionary conference! It was truly incredible and very inspiring. I loved it so much and learned a lot. The theme of the meeting was teach repentance and baptize converts. One of my favorite quotes was " Speak of him and he will speak of you to the father!" We must always have the savior on our lips, talking with everyone and testifying of our savior Jesus Christ. We were able to meet missionaries from the other mission and learn from them which was way cool! After that we had a great lesson with Justin. The adversary is working so hard on him and he was beginning to have some serious doubts. We talked about the power of the adversary and what it truly means to be baptized. The spirit was so strong as we testified of our savior Jesus Christ and is great example he led. By the end he was feeling a lot better and it was awesome! That night we had a great institute class and then we were able to talk with Brother Rader for a little bit. He is so wise and loves this gospel so much. We talked about how we are all saved by grace and grace alone. Through repentance, ordinances, covenants and enduring to the end we can be saved. Faith without works is dead and repentance is the work. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission and all I am learning. My testimony and love for this gospel grows every day.

Thursday was another great day! That morning we went to visit someone with the Kennesaw sisters but he wasn't home. After that we had a great lesson with Amanda on the Holy Ghost and how she has seen a difference in her life since she was baptized. She is engaged and they are so cute! Her conversion story is amazing and her testimony is so strong! Then we went to the commons and had lunch with Jocelyn which was awesome! We had a lesson with Justin that afternoon and it was a bit rough. He is really struggling and was having lots of doubt. It is breaking my heart as I have come to love him so much but know there is nothing else we can do. He called us later that night in tears and it was so hard. Please keep him I. Your prayers. Don't worry this day did have a happy ending! We had a lesson with Baylen who we met at tables and was in on of Jocelyn's classes. He is amazing and SO elect. We were able to answer his questions and taught him the restoration. Elizabeth, Jocelyn and Will all came as team ups. The branch is so great and everyone wants to be there, especially the converts. As I quoted the first vision the spirit was so strong it was incredible. As soon as I finished he said "that was awesome!" Jocelyn and Elizabeth were both in tears. At the end of the lesson I invited him to be baptized and without any hesitation he said "yea!" It was the best thing ever! I love being a missionary, seeing the Holy Ghost change people's hearts is amazing!

Friday we had a crazy day! It started off with campus being closed because of the "snow!" We decided to get busy and work fast before the snow started! We parked at campus and I realized that I left my BoM in the car..when we turned around to get it we realized that we locked the keys in the car! We were running late for a lesson and decided that we had to go and worry about it later. We had an amazing lesson with Candice. We went in a bit worried, we hadn't seen her in a month and were thinking maybe it just wasn't her time. But God really worked on her heart while she was back home and we had a great lesson with her! We talked about baptism and the power of the priesthood. She told us that it totally makes sense and that she knows that the Book of Mormon is true! It was so cool! We talked about the gift of the Holy Ghost and how much it can help us in our lives. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes!! It was so cool and the spirit was so strong! God really is preparing people every single day and we are his vessels. It was so amazing and such a strong testimony builder to me! After that we called Justin Kirkland and hurried back to the car! Justin Kirkland saved the day and let us into our car! An answer to a prayer, for sure! Jocelyn joined us for the day and we hurried to Woodstock for some great lessons with Skye and Elizabeth. It was so fun with Jocelyn, it felt like we were in trio all day and it was the best! After that we met Justin for lunch and it was so yummy! The "snow" started to fall so we headed back to Kennesaw! We had a great lesson with Haylie, she is so cute and I love her so much! We talked to her about being a daughter of god and our divine potential. The lesson was really good and the spirit was so strong! Then the snow really did started to fall and it stuck! It was so cool and felt like a little piece of Utah in Georgia! We went to talk with Justin and sadly we had to push his baptism back a week. Jocelyn and Justin were both there and helped a lot. We were able to have a great lesson and the spirit was so strong. Snow was falling like crazy and everyone was so excited. It felt like home!(:

Saturday morning we had Marietta miracles and we did see some awesome miracles! We decided to go try to see some less actives that neither of us knew anything about it. We weren't having any luck and most had moved. Not to mention that it was FREEZING cold and the wind was like ice! We were about to get in the car when I noticed a woman was outside with her son and her dog. We decided to go talk to them and she had just returned from a conference in Logan, Utah and was so sad when she was informed that she couldn't go in the temple! We were able to talk to her about the importance of temples and that through them we can be sealed with our family for time and all eternity! It was way cool and we are hoping to go back next week! After that we stopped by Kroger in hopes that Mathan was working and he was!! It was so awesome and we have an appointment with him this week!(: We had time to try to see one more less active and the woman who answered the door had no idea who we were talking about. Although because it was snowing she invited us in and we were able to teach her the restoration! She opened right up to us and we were able to answer some of her questions about our church and the Book of Mormon. We are going back to teach her this week and I am so excited! Then we had lunch with Mario and Tiffany and it was so much fun! Next we did weekly planning and then headed to Golden Corral for dinner! While we were waiting for Theo a guy came up and asked if we were "the Mormon people?" We said yes and found out he was from California and had gone to church a couple times. We gave him a Book of Mormon and are meeting with him again tomorrow! It was such a wonderful day filled with lots of little miracles!(:

Sunday I gave a talk on in sacrament on the Book of Mormon and living day prophets. We also had a really good musical number and we got a new relief society presidency. Jocelyn was called as the second counselor and she is so excited! She will be amazing and I am so happy for her! While we were getting ready for church we were talking about how cool it would be if somehow there was a miracle and a new investigator came to church so we could hit standard! Well God answered our prayers! There was a guy sitting in the back named Derrick who had met one of our members at tables and was given a card. He decided to come to church and see what it was all about! He ended up staying for all 3 hours and said he enjoyed it! We were able to talk to him after and answer some of his questions. We gave him a Book of Mormon and are meeting with him again tomorrow! It was the best!  This is God's work and I am so humbled to be apart of it!(: After that we had a great lesson with Elizabeth on keeping the sabbath day holy. She is hoping to receive her patriarchal blessing next Sunday and I am so excited! That night we had a delicious dinner at the Mourdocks and then a great lesson with Jocelyn and her roommate Tyler! It was an another fantastic day and I am loving it here in big shanty! We find out about transfers next week and I am hoping to stay here on the one and only, KSU!(:

(I love how the Lord works, she cried when she got transferred, to KSU and now she doesn't want to leave...)
Thank Y'all so much for your love and support to both me and my family. I couldn't do this with out you! You are in my thoughts and prayers! I love this gospel with all my heart and am so grateful for the knowledge and peace it provides! I saw a really cool bumper sticker this week that said "Even a smile is charity!" A smile can go a long way! Remember you are never fully dressed without a smile!(;
love y'all! Peach out!
-Sister Hosman­čŹĹ

Snow in Georgia!!

Sister Blair

Jocelyn, Sister Hosman and Sister Blair!

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