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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

7.5.16 Happy 4th of July and bye to Gremmy❤️

Hi y'all! It has been a crazy week and an even crazier weekend! I don't have much time today at all but will give you a few of the highlights!

Monday night we had an incredible lesson with Tommy!! At first the spirit wasn't quite as strong and I wasn't sure why. As I said a quick silent prayer Brother Warren announced that we were going to sing Tommy "I'm a child of God!" The spirit was so strong as soon as we finished singing and he was continuing to finish our sentences. He is so prepared! We invited him to be baptized on the 23rd of July and his response was "what about the 16th? So I can be reborn on my birthday!" He is incredible and of course we said yes!

Tuesday we had a great zone meeting and oh my goodness I learned so much! Then there was a crazy southern summer rain storm! That afternoon we had several cancellations. We didn't know what to do and decided to be real bold. We dropped by a former investigator named Angela Bailey and she was so happy to see us. We were able to share a message with her and it was great! We were able to see a couple more people and then decided to be bold again that night. We went in social circle and decided to go check on Glenda and Ed! Not sure if you remember them but he is a long lost member and she was investigating. They were so great and some of our favorites. They dropped us though and we were so nervous to go back. As soon as Ed saw us he got so excited and invited us right in! It was so good to see them again and such a tender mercy!

Wednesday morning we got to go to FISH and drive a route around! It was so much fun and always so humbling to see those sweet kids! We had some good lessons that afternoon and then saw Kieren that night. We were driving home in the scariest rain storm and I really felt God's protection. I know He protects his missionaries!

Thursday was a super busy day full of lessons! In the morning we saw some awesome less actives. That night we had great lessons with Glenda, Tommy and Kieren! They are all doing great and I'm so proud of them! Friday was mostly taken up by FISH and weekly planning!

Saturday night we got to finally see the Polston family again! We had dinner with them and they are great as ever! Finley was so excited to tell us that he received his answer to prayer, that what we were teaching was true! He is so sweet. We taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well! They told us they will be moving next month and we are so sad! We will be sending the missionaries over to help them move and be praying for them!(: Sunday we had the most incredible testimony meeting. There was a theme of patriotism and it was wonderful. I am so proud to be an American and live in this beautiful country! We had a great lesson in Sunday school on the sacrament. We talked about how we can make the sacrament more personal and I loved this acronym. As we take the sacrament we...
Take his name upon you
Always remember him
Keep his commandments
Endure to the end
When the doors are open its a chapel but when they are closed it becomes an ordinance room. What a cool and Incredible thought! After church we had some great lessons! That night we decided to drop by someone named Tavis who we haven't seen since we first got here and it was great! She was so happy to see us and we were finally able to really teach her the restoration. She loved it and is excited to read the BoM! It was so great! That night we got a call from president with some super sad news... There were some changes in the mission and Sister Holmgren was being emergency transferred! This morning she left for Roswell and I will miss her so much! We had become best friends and I feel so blessed to have served with her. I learned so much from her and admire her in so many ways! I know the Lord has a plan and that everything happens for a reason! She will be so great in her new area and I'm so proud of her! My new companion is Sister Stauffer from Juneau Alaska! She is super sweet and as I'm typing this we just got a call that we will be in a trio starting Thursday evening! Woah y'all! It will be a crazy week! Please keep me in your prayers.

Monday was a wonderful holiday and we had a lot of fun doing a free cookie/lemonade stand with the other sisters! We had a lot of fun and met some wonderful people! The rest of the day was going around saying goodbyes from Gremmy!

I have really been reflecting this week how blessed I am to be here in America. I'm so grateful to live in a free country where the gospel could be restored. And now this wonderful opportunity I have to share it with the peachy people of Georgia! I absolutely love it here and feel so blessed! I miss and love y'all so much! I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I know God has a plan for everything and everyone! The church is true and the book is blue! Love, Sister Hosman❤️🍑

Loved seeing Sister Christensen at Zone Meeting

Oh how I'm going to miss these hugs!

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