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Monday, July 25, 2016

7.25.16 The only constant in life...

Hi y'all! This week was awesome and very busy! We are exhausted but happy as ever. I don't have a lot of time but here is a highlight for each day...

Monday night we had an amazing lesson with Myra. She was someone we met last week while we were tracting. We were able to see her again tonight and teach her the Restoration. The spirit was so strong and she loved it. As I quoted the first vision her eyes got big and after she said she got chills. At the end of the lesson when we asked her to pray to know if it was true she said no because she already knew that it was true. She was so excited to read the BoM. It was so awesome!

Tuesday we had a great District meeting. We role played and talked about The Saviors Peace and Blessing. It is a new finding tool that works miracles! When you meet new people you ask if you can come in and give a blessing on their home and family as representatives of Jesus Christ. We were able to use it that day in a lesson and we got two new investigators out of it! We were busy all day with a lot of lessons but they were great! I feel so blessed to be in such a wonderful area. That night we had a really cool lesson with Kieren and Marcus. We decided to reenact the tree of life story in her back yard. They loved it and it really helped them both understand the scriptures and apply it to their own lives. Kieren is still doing great and going strong! We are so proud of her. When we got home we got a call that we were pregnant. We were going to be training and so excited! Sister Merritt would go back to Loganville and train and then Sister Stauffer and I would trio train in Monroe.

Wednesday we had a fantastic lesson with our new investigator Julie. Julie is homeless and lives in her car in a park in downtown Monroe. She is so solid though, absolutely ready for the gospel in her life. We taught about the restoration and as we were sharing Joseph Smith's first vision, tears welled up in her eyes. She thought it was amazing and true. Something that she was wanting to hear for a long time. We love her and we are so excited to continue to teach her more about the restored gospel. Friday we all had to get up super early to go to the training meeting. There were 5 sisters there and 30 elders, so we felt a little out of place but it was so fun to see everyone. We learned a lot from President Bennion. He is such a wise man filled with so much love. I truly feel so grateful to have such an amazing mission President! Right after the training meeting we drove an hour and a half to UGA. Our poor Sister Training Leader has been trying to go on exchange with us all transfer long and we have been rescheduling every single week because we have been so busy, or something has always come up where we needed to be in our area. So our STL got President's permission to have all three of us come up to campus and help out with a booth. Weeelllll we got there super late because of the meeting, but were there to help take down the booth and make the long 2 mile trek back to the institute building. As we were walking up the hill, the big, heavy whiteboard that we were rolling back decided to completely fall apart. So there we were, the hottest day of the week, 100% humidity, walking up a hill, carrying heavy boxes, sweat dripping from our faces and now we have a broken whiteboard that we can no longer roll, but must carry. It took us 10x longer to get to the institute building and the best part is the whiteboard had "" in big letters plastered across it... so we were portraying ourselves well to people driving by and seeing us struggle. It was definitely an adventure though, we had fun and just laughed the whole time.

Saturday we had a baptism for a nine year old boy, Jeremiah. I absolutely love this kid. We have been working with him ever since I got to the area. His mother is a member and very very sick. He pretty much takes care of his dying mother who loves him so much. They have the most precious relationship I've ever seen. Jeremiah has wanted to be baptized for so long, but was waiting for his mother to get better. Last week Jeremiah's mom sat him down and told him that she isn't going to be getting better and he needed the strength and comfort that comes through being a member of the church and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was so excited. Everything went so smoothly and the Spirit was so very strong. We love him so very much!

Sis Stauffer, Hosman & Merritt

The Trio with Sister Bennion (Mission President's wife)

Jocelyn came to visit Sister Hosman!

Rachael and Lucas have been good friends since "Joy School" when they were 3, now serving together!

Jeremiah's Baptism 

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