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Monday, December 5, 2016

12.5.2016 #LIGHTtheWORLD

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Hello y'all!

This week flew by and we have been super busy! Laurel Springs is a great Ward and I am loving it here already! The Ward is pretty small and was just formed into a Ward about 15 months ago. It is filled with awesome families and has so much potential. We are on bikes and every other week we get the car. I am excited to start and finish my mission in the Sugar Hill Zone. 

A bit about my companion... Sister Evans is 23 years old and from Washington state. She comes from a big family of 6 kids. She loves fantasy and hopes to be a writer. She has a strong testimony and is a wonderful missionary! I know the Lord has great things in store for us here!

Wednesday was my first day here and it was very exciting! We were headed to Sister Evans doctors appointment in Tucker. The drive was going well when all of the sudden rain came pouring down. It was so hard and so fast that you couldn't even see the car in front of you. The sky got dark and it was a bit scary. Suddenly as if from the sky we heard a voice say " Tornado warning, take shelter NOW!" We have been counseled has missionaries that when this kind of thing happens to get into the nearest members home ASAP. However we were well out of our area, in fact out of our mission. Not knowing exactly what to do we said a prayer. The zone leaders called and said to do what we felt good about and that they had not heard from President Bennion yet. (We found out later that it was because he was in the temple with the new missionaries) We knew this doctors appointment was important and proceeded on. We made it there safely and all was well. The tornado really did touch down in our area but it was a small one. Crazy experience and I know the Lord really does protect his missionaries! 

Our miracle this week was with a guy named Sam. We went to visit a inactive member and her boyfriend is named Sam. Apparently he doesn't usually come downstairs but he did that night. We were getting to know them and he started asking us lots of questions. About the church and missionary work. At the end he asked if we could teach him "the lessons" and told us that he is super interested. Containing our excitement of course we said yes! We handed him a restoration pamphlet and invited him to read it before our next visit. He immediately opened it up and started reading. It was amazing! The work is pretty slow here and we had just been praying to find a new investigator. It was so cool and just goes to show that this is truly the Lord's work. He makes it all happen! 

This week we had MLC which is missionary leadership council. It is with all the sister training leaders and zone leaders in the mission. As well as President and Sister Bennion. It was amazing and such a cool experience. I felt like we were behind the scenes of a movie called GANM. President Bennion was the director and we were the rest of the crew. Together we discussed the mission and how we can help improve the work. We were able to role play together and receive inspiration. It was so cool and I'm so grateful for this opportunity I have to serve. 

Light the World is the new Christmas video that the church put out this year. If you have not seen it yet, please go watch it! It invites us to go out and serve just has Jesus Christ does. There is a different theme to each day with ideas of acts of service you can do. It brings the spirit so strong and I love the message it brings. This time of year is so beautiful and service is what it should be all about! It is a great opportunity to take a breath during the Christmas craziness and serve someone else. I know and promise that as we do it will be a Christmas to remember. Our homes and hearts will be filled with more love and kindness. 

We had a really cool experience with the video this last week. We were out tracting and knocked on the door of a Chinese family. She was telling us that she went to a Chinese church and was about to shut the door when we asked if we could share a 2 minute video on Christmas. She said yes and just about 40 second into it asked "wait are there no words?" "No" we said and she asked if we could gather the rest of her family and watch it again. Turns out both her mom and sister were visiting from China, and they didn't speak English. All the family gathered and we showed the video. The spirit was so strong and it was a really cool experience. Her heart was softened in less than a minute! 

I love being a missionary. I love this work. I love the gospel. I'm so grateful to be here and give this time to serve my Savior Jesus Christ. I hope y'all are doing well and invite you to light the world this Christmas season! Have a blessed week! 


Sister Hosman

My new companion, Sister Evans from Washington
Sister Giddons, my STL companion

These are some of my favorite families in Hickory Flat that I went to say goodbye to...

The Sommer's

The Harris Family 

The Dustin kids

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