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Saturday, September 26, 2015

9.26.15 Rachael's Last letter from the MTC

Hey everybody!

I just want to start off my saying thank you so much for all the letter and packages! All the prayers and love! It means more than you'll ever know! I love it here in the MTC and can not believe i only have 2 days left! 

Saturday: We got to go to the Provo temple and do a session with our district! It was amazing! The spirit was so strong and it was so great to feel the peace and comfort that the temple brings! 

Sunday: We had an amazing devotional by Lloyd Newelll (the guy from music and the spoken word) It was MTC and the spoken word! I loved it! We sang a lot and then he shared a great message! The spirit was so strong! Fear not I am with thee for be not dismayed! I love this hymn and as we sang it in the MTC choir it brought so much peace and comfort! We are here to wave the banner of truth! Let us all press on in the work of the Lord! Courage for the Lord is on our side! I love this so much! I know that I can do hard things through Christ!

Monday: What a great day! I'm amazed at how the quickly prayers get answered here! I was having a hard time with one of our investigators named Kaitlyn so I really prayed that she would have an open mind and that I would find a way to relate to her! It was amazing! The lesson went great! She had an open mind and was way more focused on what we had to say! I was also able to relate to her! It was Amazing! She is now preparing to be baptized! 
Tuesday: We have been teaching an investiagator named Miranda! I love her so much! She has so much faith and is loving learning about the gospel! In our lesson on Monday she had asked us if she could recieve a priesthood blessing for her big exam on Wednesday! We said yes! Of course! WE found out though that all our Elders in our disrtict would be busy teaching lessons of their own and were not sure what to do. I had been praying to see a dear friend of mine Elder Stuart but knew he had left for his mission and I had lost hope! Me and my companion were walking down the sidewalk when I heard my name I looked up and couldnt belive it! It was Elder Stuart! He had something go wrong with his visa and he was here one more day! Then it hit me I asked him if he would give Miranda a blessing! Of course he said yes! It was amazing! I know God answers our prayers! Even if its not the way or the timing we want.  Because he can see the future and knows what's best! It was such an unforgettable experience! The spirit was so strong! Elder Stuart gave an incredible blessing as if he had known Miranda his whole life and knew everything that was going on in her life! It was amazing! The spirit was so strong! Miranda Stood up and the first thing she said was "How did you do that??" We then got to have a great disccusion with her about the priesthood and the spirit! My testimony grew so much! I now understand why they have both sisters and Elders in the field! We can offer something different! Elder Stuart was able to answer some of her questions about the priesthood that I dont think I could have. I am so grateful that Elder Stuart is here and worthy to have the priesthood authority! He is going to be a great missionary! 

Wednesday and Thursday: Well both these days were very long but great! We just went back and forth between class and teaching! It was so crazy on Wednesday to see all the new missionaries come in and realize we had been here for a week! Our investigators are coming along great! I love my teachers! They have taught me so much! How important it is to work with members and to teach people not lessons! I have learned how important planning is! But also to set goals before you plan! Goals is such an important part of missionary work! I have learned so much here at the MTC! The Book of Mormon is truly the Keystone to our religion! It is such an amazing book! I am so grateful for its message and for Joseph Smith! Becuase of him we have the Restored Gospel on the earth today! 

Friday: We had In-Field Orientation! An 8 hour meeting it was crazy! But I learned so much! We talked a lot about how important it is to work with the members! We got to do lots of Role plays which at first ill be honest I wasn't the biggest fan of but it really is such a great thing and can feel so real! The spirit is so strong if you let it be! Not much to say because we were in class all day but we did have a lesson at night and Kaitlyn agreed to be baptized! It was so cool! It is amazing how you can really feel Heavenly Fathers love for everyone of his children and recieve revelation for them! I love being a missionary! 

Saturday: Sadly the temple is closed today for cleaning but I am so grateful we got to go last week! It gives us extra time to pack and get ready for Georgia! We leave at 3:30 am on Tuesday! I am so excited! Forget Yourself and go to work with love! I love this! I cant wait to put this into action! I know there will be both good and bad times in the field but attitude changes everything! We have to believe in ourselves and in God! I love this gospel! The Church is true! I can't wait for General Conference this weekend! I hope you all will watch it with a question in your heart! I know it will be anwered! I love you all! 

You are in my prayers! xoxo 

~Sister Hosman<3

Rachael's District @ the Provo Temple.  Sister Hollowell and Sister Neff and Blackburn

Looks like the light is shining on Rachael's district!

This is a boy from High School Rachael knows ~ it's always so strange to not be able to hug the friends you see in the MTC!  (Kole Mauldin)

One of Rachael's best friends from the Drama department at WX - Ryan Stuart.  It was a real tender mercy for her to see him on her first day and then again before he left.  

There's a bakery in Provo that will deliver to the MTC.  She said the coconut lime was her favorite!

On our way to gym time - we are the only girls in #217!  We have the whole room to ourselves, we love it!

"Getting mail is the BEST" - this is a letter to Lily (Rachael's niece), who wrote to her first thing!

"Laughing while studying - we repented, I promise"

Our investigator "Miranda"

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