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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

2.16.16 For the love of Peaches!

Happy Valentines Day Y'all! Hope you all had a wonderful week! We had a wonderful week here and are continuing to see the fruits of our labors!(:

Tuesday we had an awesome zone meeting! It is always so fun to get together and see the other missionaries! We talked a lot about the doctrine of Christ and our purpose as missionaries. We we able to re watch Dallin H Oaks talk from the world wide missionary conference a couple weeks ago and it was so good! He said that "being a servant of the lord Jesus Christ is the MOST important thing we can do in mortality!" That hit me really hard, that is so amazing and so true! am so grateful for all those who have served, are serving or who are preparing to serve. Y'all are such great examples to and the mission is the best thing ever!(: After zone meeting we went to lunch at Atlanta Bread Co with the sisters, it was delicious and super fun! We then headed back to our territory (campus) and got to work! We had a good lesson with Justin and talked about how we need to constantly need to feed our spirit. Although we don't have our stomachs to growl at us and tell us we are hungry our spirits need to be fed as well! They are hungry! That night we were able to have dinner with Hanson and an awesome lesson with Baylen. We were able to answer his questions about church and talk about faith in Jesus Christ. We studied Alma 32 and it was really great! He has to go home to Kentucky this weekend so we had to push his baptism back a bit but that's okay!  He is doing really well and is really progressing in this gospel! It was an awesome day!(:

Wednesday was a crazy day but super awesome! It started with snow, we woke up and there was "snow" and it was freezing! We had a great lesson with Amanda and talked about the 10 commandments. How they are the road map to our plan of happiness. After that we had a lesson with Preston, a new investigator we met last week at tables. He is a great
guy and has some super cool stories! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and invited him to read 3 Nephi 11. After that we went to check on Jocelyn and ended up going to lunch! After lunch we had a lesson with Elizabeth. She was having a rough day and we talked about all the good she is doing in her life. She is such an amazing example and shines with the light of Christ. It is so hard to see the trials recent converts go through but they are so strong and have incredible
potential. We met up with Jessie and shared the "Farmer and the Corn" story. A story that Brett Finklea emailed me and I have used so much on my mission. We talked about how we must surround ourselves with good things and good people. Also how we must share the good things we have in life. Like the wonderful blessing of the gospel. A life is measured by the lives it touches. That night Justin K took Elizabeth, Jocelyn and us all out to dinner and it was a blast! They are so great
and I love them so much! Then we headed to institute which was fantastic, as always. We talked about the story of Naman and how we must always trust in the lord. What is our river Jordan? What is the Lord trying to tell us to do? It was a really great day and as always just loving life in the peach state!(:

Thursday was super busy but wonderful! This morning we had a lesson cancel which is always sad but we got to get some calls done and it was all good. Elizabeth came and picked us up and we had a great lesson with Zachariah, he has so many incredible questions! After that we went and had a lesson and lunch with Jocelyn and Elizabeth. They are both so great and coming to love this gospel so much. They are the best member missionaries and are blessing so many lives. Next we did some contacting and then had a lesson with Drew. He is a great guy and we are hoping he will continue wanting to learn about the gospel. Then we had a lesson with Ben on the word of wisdom. He is doing great and he's planning on being baptized this Saturday. I wish we could go but he is being baptized in his fiancĆ©e home ward which is a couple hours away. But we are so proud of him and will be there in spirit! We taught Baylen the gospel of Jesus Christ after that and it went really well. He realized the importance of needing to be baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was awesome, Jocelyn and Elizabeth were both there and they were a big help! Then we had a great lesson with Derik on the Word of Wisdom. He is so elect and was totally onboard. He is still planning on being baptized next Saturday and I am so excited! After the crazy day we all were hungry and decided to go to Olive Garden! It was a blast and I can't express how much I love these great people!(:

Friday morning our lesson cancelled and so we decided to go out and do some finding! It was very humbling, no one answered and we had a flash back of what non YSA life was like. We have been so blessed to be busy and lead to those who have truly been prepared for this gospel. After that we went to institute and it was awesome has always! Then we had a lesson with Elizabeth and she brought her friend named Tolu. It was so awesome and the spirit was so strong. After that we went to meet a referral from the zone leaders. His name is Jesse but we thought it was Jeffery so that's what he called him the whole time. So awkward! But on the bright side he is a super cool guy and is on date to be baptized March 12th. He sees the need for this in his life and knows that this is gods will. It went really well and we are excited to start teaching Jesse! Lol! That night we had a great lesson with Haylie. Then we went out to dinner with Jackie and her friend Camden.
He went on a trip to Japan to speak English. We went out to a Japanese place and then he bought us some weird Japanese things to try! It was super fun! That night we drove to Canton to try to see a referral. She wasn't home but we were able to meet some cool people! It was another wonderful day!(:

Saturday was Sister Russell's 20th birthday! We went over to miss Donnas for birthday breakfast and studies! It was super fun!(: We did some service for Miss Donna and then spent the day weekly planning. That night we went to dinner with Sydney and Phil who are recently engaged. They are super cute and Sydney is actually from the level creek ward so that's super fun! We invited Derik to come along and it was super great! We were able to have a lesson with him and Phil was awesome! He served a mission in Chile and is still a fantastic missionary! Then we had the adult session of stake conference and it was wonderful! Every talk was so good and the spirit was so strong! I loved it!  They talked about our path to disciple ship and TLC in the family. (Time,Love and Christ) In order for God to guide us we have to take that first step. We must never forget that this is the path we choose and can't be afraid of the effort it takes to stay on it. The Lord qualifies those who he calls. There were so many great messages but overall, don't give up! Salvation is not a cheap experience. We all of our doubts and trials, so when they come cling to what you know and "doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith. " I am so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel and for the guidance it brings. It was an incredible meeting and it is no secret that the adult session on Saturday night is really the best.

Happy Valentine's Day! Sunday was stake conference and it was awesome! Jesse came and he really liked it! We were able to meet with him after and answer some of his questions and it was great! It's been fun to see the zone a lot this week with zone meeting and stake conference. After that we went and visited some people who lived in Marietta to deliver Valentine's Day gifts and share a message with them!(: It was a lot of fun and they all loved it! Next we went and had lunch with Theo and Elizabeth, we made sandwiches at the branch and it was yummy!(: After that we had a lesson a lesson with Bryan. We taught him the plan of salvation and it went really well. At first he didn't remember much but the more we talked the spirit brought more back to his remembrance. It was so cool and we were able to get to know him better which was awesome! We were able to have a lesson with Derik after and it was wonderful!  He loves this gospel so much and it is amazing to see the happiness it brings him. For dinner we went to the Mourdocks and it was delicious! They are so great and it is so nice to be in a home and have a home cooked meal! We talked with president and sister Mourdock and then went out to deliver a couple more Valentine's Day gifts on our way home! It was a loving day! It was a Valentine's Day I will never forget. I loved focusing on our savior and Heavenly Fathers great love for us. I know that our Heavenly Father loves each and everyone of us we are his children and he sent his son so that we could return to live with them someday!❤️

Monday was Presidents' Day so it was a normal day in the mission world! It started off really well with an awesome lesson with Derik. When we were at the Mourdocks the night before and were struggling to find a team up for the lesson so Sister Mourdock said she would love to come! If ended up being perfect and she had some great insight. She is a convert and was able to really relate with Derik. We talked about temples and family history and he loved every minute. You could see his wheels turning and everything made sense. It was incredible and the spirit was so strong! After that we met with Laurissa and it was great! We went home and had lunch and then headed to campus! We were able to meet with Heather and it was good to get to know her better. She is so sweet and I love her so much!  Haylie came and joined and we had a good lesson with both of them! After that we had a really good lesson with Ben! He is doing really well and will also be baptized this Saturday. Although we can't go I know it will be awesome and we are so happy for him! That night we went to dinner with Heather and Jackie and then went to FHE! It was a great day and ended with a freezing cold rain storm!(:

I hope y'all have a blessed week! You are in my thoughts and prayers!(: Stay steadfast in Christ! Love y'all!❤️

Sister HosmanšŸ‘

Rachael and Sister Christensen from our ward

All the sisters in the zone
The whole Zone -including all 3 missionaries from the Val Verda 1st ward!

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