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Southern Speaking from September 2015 to March 2017

Monday, February 8, 2016

2.8.16 The days feel like weeks, the weeks feel like days!

Hey Yall! Another wonderful week of peaching this wonderful gospel!
Hope all is well!(:

Monday night Justin Soriano was given the gift of the Holy Ghost and
it was so incredible!

On Tuesday we had a great district meeting! I have loved my district
and am sad to see the elders go but know that they have great things
ahead of them! Sister Russell gave a great training on asking
questions something that is so important in missionary work! We talked
about the questions the savior asked and how we must ask good
questions to help our investigators learn and grow! After the meeting
we went and had a lesson with Jocelyn at chick fil a! She is so great
and is doing so well with her new calling! That afternoon we had a
lesson with Derik. We showed him "The Hope of Gods light video" and
talked about the importance of prayer and scripture study. He had some
great questions and it was an awesome lesson! He is such a cool guy
and this gospel is already blessing his life so much. I am so excited
for him! Then we had another great lesson with Baylen. We talked about
the 10 commandments and it was awesome! He is also doing really well
and it is so exciting! That night we went to dinner with Jocelyn and
it was so delicious! We went to visit a less active but he wasn't home
and it started pouring rain. We decided to head to the elders
apartment to some paperwork from them when Jocelyn got a sad call. She
was having a really hard time and the elders were able to give her a
priesthood blessing. It was an amazing blessing and the spirit was
very strong. That girl is so strong and really has become one of my
best friends. I love her so much and it was really hard for me to see
her so sad. Your heart grows so much on the mission and I have really
come to love these people so much!

Wednesday morning we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast with Miles
and it was delicious! After that we met with Amanda and talked about
faith! It went really well and she is super cute! After that we went
to the commons to have lunch with Yasmine! We were able to answer her
questions and teach her more about the BoM! We then got to a special
part in a true southerns heart..sweet tea! She was shocked that we had
never tried it and so we explained the Word of Wisdom! We told her
that if she would go off coffee and tea this next week we would go off
sugar and she agreed! We promised she would have an amazing week
without one bad day! It was a great lesson and Yasmine is just the
best! Next we went to meet with Colleen who was having a bad day but
we were able to brighten her up! The gospel does a good job at that!(;
That night we went to dinner with Jocelyn and Derik and it was a
blast! They are the best! Then we all went to institute and it was so
great! Just another fabulous day in paradise!(:

Thursday was a great day! We started our morning at the food pantry
which awesome! It has been so long and was so good to be back!(: After
that we had a lesson with Zach, he is a new investigator that one of
our members met. He had a lot of questions but the lesson went really
well. After that we went to lunch with Justin and Jocelyn which was
super fun, as always! After lunch we had a short lesson with Jocelyn
and then met with Drew. We taught him the plan of salvation and it was
really good! The plan of salvation is one of my favorite lessons to
teach, Heavenly Father has such a perfect plan for every one of us.
Next we had a lesson with Baylen and it was awesome! We taught him the
Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went super well. Elizabeth, Jocelyn and
Will all were there as team ups and it was great! We watched "The Hope
of God light" video and it brought the spirit so strongly. Every time
we meet with him you can see his faith growing. It is so cool! Then we
met with Justin and started teaching him his recent convert lessons.
We started with the restoration and it was going well, he brought up
some doubt and is having a hard time. It was really hard to see him
like this and sadly we had to go meet Will for dinner. After dinner
was the best! We had an incredible lesson with Derik and Jocelyn. We
taught him the Gospel Of Jesus Christ and it went SO well. The spirit
was so strong and it was truly amazing. We showed him the Because of
Him video and he loved it so much. It was like we saw everything just
click and make sense to him. Ahh!! Then he said the closing prayer and
it was beautiful. It was so sincere and perfect, he was so nervous
because it was his first time but the spirit took over and tears
filled the room. He is so prepared for this gospel and is so elect it
is unreal.

Friday morning we were up at the Marietta KSU campus to see Ben. The
lesson went really fun and we are going to try to do tables on that
campus soon. I am so excited! After that we went to institute and it
was so awesome. We talked about both our mortal and pre mortal
families. How important the home is and what we can do to make our
homes a safe place of refuge. Brother Rader is so great and has so
much passion for the gospel it's so incredible! After Institute we had
a great lesson with Elizabeth, she is still working towards serving a
mission and is doing so great!(: Next we had tables which was the
best! We had so much fun and we met a golden investigator. His name is
Bryan and he isn't a member but has always wanted to be baptized and
attends one of the wards whenever he can. He is so elect and we have a
lesson with him for Saturday. I am so excited!(: That night for dinner
Mima made us something that her mama used to make when she was little.
It was delicious! She told us some of her stories from growing up in
Africa and they were so cool! That night we had a meeting with Hanson
and it went pretty well! After we met with Hanson we went to meet Anna
and Laurissa for some late night Italian! They are so cute and it was
super fun!(:

Saturday was another great day! It started with the food pantry and
it went super well! We had lots of people that day and I always leave
so happy! After that we went and had an amazing lesson with Bryan! He
is so prepared for this gospel it's crazy!! We were able to get to
know him a bit better and then teach him the Restoration. The spirit
was so strong during the lesson and he loved it. He talked about how
much he had missed meeting with the missionaries before. He was so
happy and it was so cool! After that we went and had lunch with Derik
and Jocelyn. We taught them both about fasting and invited Derik to
fast for the first time. He said he would and it was awesome! We them
weekly planned all afternoon and into the evening. That night we had
dinner with Theo and then finished planning!

Sunday was a wonderful day! In the morning we were invited to be
there when Elizabeth received her patriarchal blessing. It was such an
incredible experience and the spirit was so strong! That morning in
studies before we went I was able to read mine and was amazed at the
things that I hadn't noticed in it before but exactly what I needed.
Partriarchal blessings really are such a blessing and I am so grateful
for the peace and direction they provide. Elizabeth was so happy and
it was an unforgettable experience. Perfect way to start an amazing
Sunday! After that we had fast and testimony meeting and it was so
good! The branch is filled with so many strong converts! Both Jocelyn
and Elizabeth bore their testimonies and they were so sweet. I love
them both so much. I feel like I am meeting so many of my long lost
friends here. Like I have known them forever, it is the coolest
feeling! Watching Derik during testimony meeting was so awesome. He
was so into it and you could tell he was feeling the spirit so
strongly! Sunday school we talked about the fall and how essential it
was to gods plan. It was a great lesson and I learned so much! After
church we had a meeting with President Mourdock, who is the greatest.
We then went on an adventure to Marietta with Jocelyn. We tried to
stop by some less actives but no one was home. We were able to stop by
and see Brittany which was awesome!! That night we had an incredible
lesson with Derik. I can't believe we have only known him for 2 weeks!
We are already best friends and he is so elect. Teaching him the
gospel is such a special experience. Watching his wheels turn and
everything click is so cool! He keeps telling us how this is the
highlight of his week and how this saved his life. How much happier he
is and that this is the best thing that's ever happened to him. The
spirit was so strong in the lesson and we discussed moving his
baptismal date up. He said the closing prayer and it was sincere. Ah
the spirit was just so powerful and it was the best! Such a fantastic

Thank Y'all for all you do for me! I couldn't do this without you!
Your prayers give me strength! Love y'all so much! Don't forget..The
church is true and the book is blue!(:

Love, Sister HosmanšŸ‘


Rachael and Sister Blair

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