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Monday, February 22, 2016

2.22.16 Miracles in the Peach State!

Hey y'all! Hope you had a great week!(: The week flew by here and it was a really fantastic one! I am learning lots and love peaching this great gospel!!

Tuesday was preparation day and we went to the mall for Sister Blairs birthday. We went with the Kennesaw sisters and it was super fun! We had lunch with Jocelyn at chick fil a and it was delicious! That night we had a really good lesson with Derik. We talked about the atonement and what a blessing the atonement is. The spirit was so strong and we were all in tears. It was a wonderful day!

Wednesday morning we had interviews with President and sister BennionWe had our district meeting and were pulled out one by one. It was really awesome and I am so grateful for all they do for us. President Bennion is the key holder and I am so grateful for his council. Sister Bennion is so sweet and it was good to talk with her more. They are both so amazing and I am so grateful for their testimonies and sacrifice. After interviews we went to lunch with the sisters and it was way fun!(: After interviews we went on exchanges and I got to go to Hickory Flatt with Sister Barben. She is so incredible and I look up to her in so many ways. We have a very similar personality and get along really well. We went and tried to stop by some less actives but no one was really home. We got to see one lady who had been through some family trials and was really struggling. She was so sweet and we talked about hope. It went well, we knocked on some doors after but no one let us in. That night we had dinner at the Taylor's, she made beef stew and it was SO good! I miss home cooking so much! After dinner we had a lesson with one of their investigators named Monica, she is so elect and the lesson went really well. We taught her the word of wisdom as she was drinking her coffee! I was a little scared at first but the spirit was teaching her that it was true. It was super cool! Sister Barben is a great teacher and I really learned a lot from her.⭐️

Thursday morning we went up and got to go do some service! The couple is trying to sell their home so we went and helped clean the kitchen. We wiped down and stained all the cabinets and it was super fun. They had served a mission in Oregon and were telling us some really cool stories! It was a lot of fun and on the way home we got to stop at the pickle stand!(: Exchanges were so much fun and I learned so much. I hope to be her companion some day! We headed back to Big Shanty and had a lesson with Derik before his baptismal interview. The lesson went really well and is just continuing to love this gospel. He is so excited for Saturday and his baptismal interview went great! Everything is falling right into place. After that we met with Elizabeth and Jocelyn, they are both going through similar things and are so great for each other. It is amazing how God places certain people in our lives for a reason. They are really supporting each other and it is so awesome! Then we went and taught Baylen the word of wisdom. It went really well and he is really starting to progress! For
dinner we all went to the commons which was a blast, of course! That night we had a really good lesson with Jesse. We taught him the beginning of the restoration and he is really getting it. He is feeling the spirit and wants this so bad. The lord really does prepare his children. This is his work and obedience is happiness. It was another fantastic day and I love being a missionary! If any of you are thinking about it just do it! It's the best thing you'll ever do!

Friday morning we went to the food pantry and it was great! It was a beautiful day and we had fun! After the food pantry we went to drop by a referral but unfortunately she wasn't there. We went home and had lunch and then made cookies for institute. That afternoon we met with Derik for his last lesson as a non member. It went really well and he is so ready! I don't know if I have ever met someone more prepared for this gospel. We went to meet up with Candice after, who wasn't feeling too well. She has been sick and has had lots going on. She decided that this wasn't something she wanted in her life right now. It was hard but I know that this just isn't her time and the Lord has a plan for her. Before dinner we went and had a lesson with Haylie. She is so cute! We talked to her about the BoM and Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is so amazing and I have really come to love it so much on my mission. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith is one simple question so that we can have the true restored church on the earth today with all its blessings. We went to dinner with Brother Omar who is the new second counselor in the branch presidency. He is awesome and has help couch football at BYU and many other universities! After dinner our plans had fallen through and we had no idea what to do. We tried to go see some people but no one was home. We said a prayer and although we knew that it was a Friday night and campus was dead we decided to for searching for new investigators. We met a couple people but we're just walking back and forth without too much success. Then we saw a guy walking to the bus stop and decided to stop and talk to him. His name was James and he was very nice. He isn't a student at KSU yet but really wants to be. He had just missed his bus but it gave us a chance to talk to him and begin teaching him. Derik and Jocelyn came and it was going really well when all of the sudden there was a bus coming. He got up and ran like sprinted but yelled "meet me at 10:30 on Monday." We knew that didn't work and didn't have any way to contact Derik ran after him and got his number, it was so great! We then met another guy named Drew and it was so awesome! The little miracles are so amazing and I am so grateful to be apart of his work. He answers prayers and is guiding us every minute. It was a fantastic day!(:

Saturday morning started at the food pantry, it is amazing to see how grateful these people are for some bread and a bag of groceries. I always leave so happy and filled with love. I love serving at the food pantry and am so grateful for Miss Donna and her husband Harland. They do so much for us and are so great! They are great examples and are some of the most giving people I know. After the food pantry we went and had a lesson with Colleen. We showed her the parable of the bicycle, it is such a cute story about a girl who really wants a bike. She asked her dad if she can have one but and her dad says yes if she is willingly to earn it. It shows her washing the dog and selling lemonade and doing all she can to earn money. She even mows the lawn with her dads help pushing the mower. They go to the bike store and she realizes that she doesn't have enough money. Sadly she pulls out her $4.37 cents or so and her dad says that if she gives him all she
has and a hug and a kiss then the bike is hers. I love this story so much and I think it is a great reminder of what our Heavenly Fathers love for us. When we do all we can and try our very best, he makes up the rest. We go through hands things and sometimes we have to struggle but never alone. He is always right there by our side, helping and cheering us on. We went back and made lunch and then headed to Woodstock to try to see a less active before the baptism. It took us longer than we thought and we hit traffic. But all is well, she was t home but we met her dad and were able to give him a card so hopefully we will hear from her soon. We got a call from president Murdock on the way to the baptism that they didn't have a key to the font. Luckily the Allatonna Elders saved the day! The baptism was so incredible and he looked so happy. Sister Blair and I gave a talk on baptism and it went really well. Derik had to be dunked twice because his foot came up but he was so happy! He has grown so much and I am so humbled to have been able to be a small part in his conversion. After the baptism we went and visited Skye, she is so sweet! Then we went to dinner with Theo, he is from the congo and has the coolest stories!  Having dinner with him is always  so much fun!(: Saturday we had a great day but it came down to the last 30 minutes of the night and we had no idea what to do. Our appointment had fallen through so we decided to go to campus with faith that someone would be there. We got on campus to find not a single person in sight. We started walking and soon passed a girl we had seen 3 or 4 times that passed week but she was always wearing head phones so we never stopped her. This time she was wearing head phones again but I decided to just say "hi" to our surprise she took out one head phone and started talking to us. She was so sweet and we began to teach her about the BoM. She told us how she used to attend a church back home but hasn't since she came to KSU and she has really missed it. It went really well and we are looking forward to teaching her this week! It was a miracle and I know God really does answer our prayers.

Sunday morning we had branch correlation and it went really well. The branch is doing great and there are some exciting things coming up! We had a really good sacrament meeting! Derik received the gift of the Holy Ghost and it was so amazing. Theo and Jackie both gave great talks on woman and men's roles in the church. Both Baylen and Ben came to church and it was awesome! After church we had a lesson with Baylen and planned his baptism for this Saturday. He is doing so well and is so excited for Saturday. We spent the afternoon weekly planning and then went to Jocelyns for dinner. We made spaghetti and had a little fire side. Elizabeth, Derik, Will and Baylen all came over and it was wonderful. Elizabeth, Jocelyn and Derik are all going to the temple for the first time this week to do baptisms. So we had a lesson and
talked about temples, family history and eternal marriage. It went really well and I am so excited for them! I miss the temple so much and am so grateful that my family can be together forever. After the lesson we had brownies and opened the door for some fresh air. We said hi to a couple people that passed by and I asked one guy if he wanted a brownie. He said yes so I went out to give it to him and of course handed him a card. We told him about the BoM and what we do as missionaries here on KSU. He was very nice and was new to campus. He had not found a church yet and we were able to set up a time to meet with him this next week. It was so cool! That morning we had prayed that somehow we could get a new investigator so we could reach a standard and our goal. It was an amazing miracle and a perfect ending to a fantastic day!(:

It was another incredible week here! This is God's work and this is the true church! I am so grateful for these experiences I will cherish forever. I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers! What an amazing blessing! If you want to talk to God, pray and if you want God to talk to you read your scriptures! He wants to hear from us and wants to help us! He is waiting for you to reach out to him, it is not a voicemail but a conversation! Prayer is so powerful and I am so thankful for parents who taught me how to always pray and he will listen! Love yall! Have a blessed week!(:

Love, Sister Hosman
Exchanges with Sister Barben

Darin's Baptism

Working at the Food Pantry (It's owned by the Presbyterians' - I'm not sure why it's called the Joe Smith Memorial, as only his enemies called him Joe...?)

Sister Blair's Birthday 2.22.16

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