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Monday, March 14, 2016

3.14.16 The Hardest Thing I've Ever Loved To Do!

Hey y'all!(:

Tuesday was a fantastic day! We had zone meeting and it was awesome!  We talked about the role of the Holy Ghost in conversion! I really learned that we are the tool and that he is the true teacher! We also talked about working with members and I feel so blessed to be in such a great branch who love doing missionary work! We did role plays and practiced helping the investigator recognize the spirit and it was so cool! Not just pointing it out to them but asking them questions and
doing it in a way so that they recognize who the true teacher is. The role plays really blessed us a lot throughout the week! Zone meeting is always tons of fun and I love the feeling I leave with of motivation and wanting to be better! We went to lunch with the sisters and it was really yummy! That afternoon we had lessons with Derik and Baylen. We had them teach us and it went really well! It is so cool to see how much they have changed and the love they have for this gospel.
That night there was a face to face with Elder Holland for the YSA! It was so great and Elder Holland is incredible! Although a lot of it was about marriage which isn't my focus now I took notes for later!(; He did talk a little bit about missionaries and my favorite part was when he said that putting on a badge doesn't make you a missionary and taking it off doesn't end it! I am already sad for the day I have to take off this badge but I know that it doesn;t mean I have to stop being a missionary! The mission has already changed me forever and I know that when I go home I can still help in the Lord's work!

Wednesday was a wonderful day! We started the day off with a really good lesson with James. We talked more about the BoM and were able to help him recognize that he was feeling the spirit. He talked about ever since he met us he doesn't get angry or mad nearly as easy. That just have the BoM in his back pack has blessed his life! It was so cool and he has already grown some much! Sadly he lives in the other mission so we have to hand him over but I am so grateful for the
tender mercy of meeting him that dark night. He is a great guy and I know he will continue to grow and learn in this gospel. After that a guy who had been listening in on James lesson came over and started talking to us. At first we were really excited but then we was just interested in bashing and told us we were preaching false doctrine. It was though but we just bore our testimonies and told him to check it out for himself. One day he will call the missionaries months later and be baptized, I just know it! Then we went and had lunch with Jocelyn at the commons. Next we got to meet with Justin Soriano, who is doing alright but things are looking up and the lesson went really well! Then we had a lesson with Jocelyn and she taught us the word of wisdom! She did really good and it was really good practice for her! She will be an incredible missionary some day! We finally got a hold of Ariel and were able to have a lesson with her, she brought along 5 or 6 friends so it was a party! We talked to them about the BoM and let them ask us questions. We ended up teaching them the last part of the plan of salvation and it was great! It was a bit crazy and they had some interesting questions but Ariel and one friend agreed to come to church so we are very excited! There was a girl named Dannie listening to that lesson so after they left we turned around and talked to her. (That is the great thing about meeting in the student center, people listen in and then sometimes become interested.) So then we got to know her and began teaching her about the BoM and plan
of salvation as well. She is a super nice girl and we are meeting with her again next week! That night we had dinner with Denn and then went to Institute with Yasmine! It was a really crazy but awesome day! All of our original plans and lessons that we had didn't happen but we were in the right place at the right time and the lord provided. It was a day full of tender mercies and even though the morning was hard when the guy bashed with us the rest of the day made up for it! This is God's work and I really felt the spirit teaching and opening minds!  There were many times I had no idea what to do or say but as I opened my mouth it was filled. It was amazing!(:

Thursday was another terrific day! That morning we met with Amanda and then Laurissa. They are both such great girls and I love them so much. They are both preparing to receive their endowments and I am so excited for them. After that we went to campus to meet with Ty'ya and she brought a friend along with her! We taught the Restoration and it went so well! The spirit was so strong and they were so into it. We really let the spirit teach and lead the lesson. It was so amazing and
they both were so excited to read from the BoM. We met up with some of the members from the branch and went and had lunch at the commons! It was fried chicken Thursday, which is the best! After lunch we went to the greens (basically just a huge lawn and everyone is hanging out.) It was a beautiful lesson so we decided to have our lesson with Yasmine there. We finished teaching her the respiration and it was awesome! It is official that we are in a trio with Jocelyn. She talks just like a missionary and is doing so amazing! Then we did some contacting and met some cool people! After that we went on splits and it was the best! Neither of us had ever done it before and we were nervous. But we had two people who wanted to meet at the same time so we decided to go for it. Jocelyn and I went to teach Jessi and Sister Blair went with Heather to teach Drew. It was so much fun and Sister Singh was a fantastic companion! We get closer everyday and I just love her more and more! After splits we went ad got Sister Blair and went to check on a referral. We also got to teach Jesse and it was awesome! He has started reading the BoM and is in chapter 9. He is doing so great and is super excited to be baptized. He is so willingly to give up anything to have the happiness he sees in members. Jocelyn took us to Panera to grab some dinner and then we headed home! It was a crazy day but super good! Coming home exhausted is the best feeling!

Friday morning we met with Erica and taught her the restoration. The lesson went really well and she is so sweet! She is excited to read the Book of Mormon and we are excited to continue to teach her! That afternoon after institute we met with Elizabeth! She is still the cutest and is doing good! Her and Jocelyn are planning on putting their mission papers in together and I'm so happy! They are both going to be boss missionaries!(: Then we went and did tables which is the
best!! We were able to meet some awesome people and it went really well! I met the sweetest girl named Kemara and we a have an appointment with her next week. After that we went and did some service for Jocelyn. We helped her clean her apartment and it looks great now!(: Then we got to meet with Haylie who is wonderful and I love her so much. That night we went to stop by some referrals and less actives. Then we had dinner and met with Miles. It was a good day and beautiful weather!(:

Saturday morning we met with Colleen and her twin sister for breakfast. They look exactly alike and it was really fun! After that we came home to do some weekly planning and then went to check on 2 referrals. Neither one was home but we decided to go check an apartment where one of our former investigators lived. A man opened the door and we were able to share the "Because He lives" video with him. He was a video editor and was very impressed. We talked about Jesus Christ and it went well. Although he said he was good where he was it was still a seed planted!(: We checked on some other people while we were up in the area and then headed home to finish weekly planning. That night we went to dinner with Theo and then had a lesson with Jocelyn. It was bit of a wild day but it was good! That morning I woke up not feeling very well. But as I studied my scriptures more and more the better I felt. It was amazing. The scriptures are so powerful and I am so grateful for the BoM.  I know that it is true and that it can help us in all aspects of our lives. It doesn't matter where you are at in your life the scriptures can help you. Life is a test but the good news is that it's open book!(:

Sunday had its ups and downs! We were supposed to have several investigators at church but last second everyone texted and said that something came up! It was so hard but it was still a great Sunday! Justin and Jocelyn both gave really amazing talks on the temple in sacrament meeting! Sister Blair and I sang "Where Can I Turn for Peace" and it went pretty well. Will taught gospel principles on the scriptures and it was so awesome! After church we had several long meetings but they were good and work is going really well in Big Shanty!  Then I still really wasn't feeling well but Justin Kirkland gave me a blessing and it helped a lot! That night we had dinner at Jocelyn's with several recent converts, members and investigators! have loved serving in this branch so much and am really hoping to stay one more transfer! We had a mini fireside after dinner and shared the new easter video. We talked about how we have all found new life through Jesus Christ and it was so cool! The spirit was so strong and it is amazing to see how the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed so many lives. I love being a missionary!

This week I am so grateful for the power of prayer and scripture study! They are truly the glue to the puzzle of life! They are our ways to communicate with our Heavenly Father and I have come to appreciate them both so much on my mission. I know that god hears and answers our prayers and I know the scriptures are true. I challenge each of you to read everyday this week! Even if it is just a verse! I promise that it will make a difference in your every day life! The scriptures are so powerful and can bring you peace in whatever you are 
feeling! Happy St Patricks Day Y'all! Don't get pinched! I love y'all!
Have a blessed week!(:

Love, Sister Hosman

The sun was way too bright but.. 
Will is up front in the blue jacket 
Yasmine is the beautiful brown girl - investigator 
Heather is a convert in the chevron 
Then us with Joceyln and Derik 


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