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Monday, March 28, 2016

3.28.16 The sQUAD!

Rachael has been transferred, she has a new companion Sister Holmgren from North Ogden. They are living with 2 other sisters for a couple weeks while they get a new apartment!  She's loving being with these 3 girls right now and working hard and sleeping little!  Please send her a note if you have a minute.

Sister Rachael Hosman
317 B Alcovy Street
Monroe, GA 30655

Hey y'all! Woah! What a crazy week!

Tuesday was a day full of goodbyes, laughter and tears. We had some awesome lessons and I am really going to miss Big Shanty. I have learned so much and have really seen my testimony grow. I am so grateful for the friendships and for the unforgettable memories! I left a piece of my heart on that campus and I will forever love Big Shanty!

Tuesday was a late night and Wednesday was an extra early morning! Jocelyn got to the apartment at 5:30 to pick us up. We headed to peach tree corners where we said goodbye and then I went to Lilburn with Sister Johns. She had served around Monroe in the beginning of her mission so it was really great to talk to her! When we got to Lilburn I met Sister Holmgren, my new companion. We didn't have a car or an apartment or a GPS. We had to wait for our car for awhile and so we helped around the mission office. We then finally got our car and headed to Monroe! We are living in a one bed/ one bathroom with four sisters. It is a party but as you can imagine a little hectic in the mornings. Monroe is so beautiful and very country! When we first got to the apartment there was a man mowing the lawn next door. We said hi and he came and welcomed us to the neighborhood. His name is Charles and he was very nice. We didn't think much of it and headed to lunch at Wendy's. When we walked in Charles was sitting there eating lunch! It was such a cool miracle! We were able to eat lunch with him and have a lesson! He had met with missionaries before but had since moved and was really excited to meet with us! We talked with him about the BoM and it was really awesome! We were both really stressed and it was the perfect loving reminder from Heavenly Father that this is right where I need to be. I know there are people here that I need to help and teach. That afternoon we went and met as many members and less actives as we could. That night we had ward correlation and it was great! It seems like a wonderful ward and I am so excited!(:

Thursday morning we went with the sisters to visit an investigator named Debbi at her work. She is very nice, her and her husband own a t-shirt company! We then went to visit some potentials and met a woman named Judy. She had the most beautiful garden and invited us right in. Southern hospitality is so strong here in Monroe and I love it! We went tracting a bit and also met a woman named Elesa. She is in the process of moving but invited us to come back that night. We went back to the apartment and had lunch with the sisters! We went back out again trying to meet as many as we could. We met two really great less active guys named Brother Snow and Brother Dunson. They were both so sweet and happy to see us! Then we went to a different part of town and met Datren and Dedrick! We were there to see a potential but she was sadly not home. There were two boys outside playing basketball and they were brothers! They are so cool and we for for to share the Easter video with them. Darten really felt the spirit and was so amazed by the video. He really wanted to know more and know where our church was at! It was the coolest thing and we are going back next week! Then we met the smith family, when we got there she was making friend chicken and biscuits! They are so funny and true southerns! We went to dinner with Sister Watson and the sisters and it was delicious! That night we had a lesson with Elesa on the Restoration. The lesson went really well.  She is at a crazy time in her life but we hope to be able to keep meeting with her! It was a wonderful first real day in Monroe!

Friday we spent all morning and some of the afternoon weekly planning. Oh my goodness it was craziness. We had to split up the areas and figure out who was going to visit what less actives and investigators. It was very stressful and took a lot long than any of us had hoped. But it is awesome to have it worked out and we are getting to the good stuff now. After weekly planning we went out to visit some less actives and potential investigators. We saw more of the true south today and decided to turn right back around. Haha It is so different here and not gonna lie very sketchy but a fun adventure for sure! We are experiencing all the accents and beautiful scenery. We met a really cool family whose son is actually serving a mission in California. We are going back to teach them next week and I am so excited! After that we went to try to meet a less active family and ran into their son and his friend outside playing ball. We talked with them for a bit and shared the Easter video. They were super cool and we will be starting to teach his friend named Trey next week! We then headed to the church for dinner and a cake auction fundraiser for the young women. It was a lot of fun and really good to get to know some of the members! That night we went to drop of a bible to a media referral. Her name is Shirley and she is so sweet! She had actually met with missionaries a couple years ago but they had got transferred and she never heard back from them. We talked to her about the BoM and shared the Easter video with her. It was really cool and we are going to go back and start teaching her again next week! We have already been blessed with so many tender mercies. I know there is lots of work to do here and although it's a rough start I feel so blessed to be able to serve in this part of heavenly fathers vineyard.

Saturday morning we had a lesson with Charles and it was so awesome! We taught him the PoS and everything just made sense to him. The spirit was so strong and we invited him to be baptized! He said yes and is on date for April 23rd! He has been baptized twice before but when I asked him why he needed to be baptized again he explained because this is the right church and that we have the right authority! It was the coolest thing! That afternoon we went to see lots more people and it was great! That night was the Women's Conference and it was amazing! The focus was really on service and loving one another! My favorite quote was "throw away the mirrors and look through the windows!" It was just a good reminder and so well said! We are here to help each other through this crazy life journey! I love y'all so much!

Sunday was a wonderful Easter Sunday in Monroe! It was fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was so strong. There was definitely a focus on the atonement and The life of Jesus Christ. It is an amazing ward and there were some incredible testimonies. During Sunday school we talked about the life of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the life he lived and this time I have to wear his name. Why do we expect it to be easy for us when it was never easy for him? After church we had meetings and then went with the sisters to check up on people. We tried to meet as many members and less actives as we could. It was really fun and it is so awesome to be in a quad. We did some service and shared the beautiful message of Easter with all who would hear.  Haha We have already become so close and I love it! That night we had a true southern Easter dinner and it was delicious. We had green beans, ham, biscuits, potatoes with white sausage gravy and more! For our spiritual thought we sang to them and the spirit was so strong. Another pro of being in the quad is we all love to sing so we do it a lot. We will be singing in sacrament in the next couple weeks and I am excited! That night we went to the church to do our ward emailing and numbers. It was an awesome first Sunday in the ward! It was different than the branch for sure but still a pretty small ward and lots of love!(:

I love y'all so much! Happy Easter and have a wonderful week! Thank you for all your prayers and support! I know this church is true and I know it changes life. I see it everyday! I am so grateful for my savior and I know he lives. I am so grateful that we have a modern day prophet and his apostles on the earth today to lead and guide us! Write down your questions and concerns, pray and tell them to our Heavenly Father! I promise that they will be answered this upcoming weekend! Enjoy General Conference and pay attention to the sweet spirit! peach out sugars! xoxo

Love, Sister Hosman

Saying goodbye to Jocelyn, I can't imagine how hard that would have been.
Goodbye to her KSU friends, investigators and recent converts!

Goodbye to Sister Blair!

Goodbye to Jesse

The 4 sisters of Monroe, GA

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