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Monday, March 21, 2016

3.21.16 Goodbye Big Shanty, Hello Monroe!

Hi y'all!(: It was a roller coaster of a week but a really great one! I hit my 6 month mark and can't believe how fast time is going by!  Spring is officially here and there is a lovely coat of yellow dust on all the cars of pollen! Allergy season is here!

Tuesday morning we walked to campus but our appointment cancelled so we called some potentials and did some planning. After that we went and had lunch with Bryan and Jocelyn. After lunch we had a really good lesson with Yasmine. We went over the whole word of wisdom and it went really well. We had a really good talk and she is so strong. She is willingly to give things up for the blessings of the gospel. We made some awesome goals and she is really progressing. She is so happy and it is so incredible to see her understanding grow. After that we met with Andrew and talked about repentance. We talked about how we strengthen our relationship with God and how it is never too late.

There is a new Mormon message called "paint yourself into a corner" it is the idea that when we make a wrong choice we spiritually paint ourselves into a corner. We have to sometimes go back and then fix what we walked back over and that can take a lot of time. But in the end it is more beautiful than ever and so worth it. Repentance is real and it is for everyone. Then we had Derik teach us the 10 commandments and it was awesome. He is so great and it was really good for him! That night the Brooks took us, Derik and Jocelyn all out to dinner for Mexican food. It was delicious and we had lots of fun! The Brooks are the best and I love them so much! That night we went with Jocelyn to have a lesson with Jesse. The lesson went really well and Jesse is just so prepared. We talked about the law of chastity and temples. He understood everything and was even teaching us. He is so ready for Saturday and we are so excited! Sister Blair and I have been together so long now that we just say the same things at the same time. It is true comp unity and it's the best!(:

Wednesday was wonderful, it started off with a lesson with Amanda. She taught us the restoration and it was so awesome. She has almost been baptized for a year now and will be married in May. She is so sweet and I love her so much. Her conversion story is incredible and she is so strong! After that we went up to call some people and we got a hold of two less actives that we have been trying to see since I got to the area. You can imagine our excitement. It was so amazing and definitely a tender mercy! We are so excited to start working with them. It is so cool to work with less actives and see them come back to church. Being a missionary is just the best! After that we headed to campus and met with Kamera. (One of the new investigators from tables that I met) She is so sweet and is so ready for this gospel. She is so interested and wants to strengthen her faith so bad. We were able to get to know her a little bit and show her the "Because of Him" video. She had some questions that we answered and it went really well! I am so anxious to see what the lord has in store for her!(: After that we had lunch and then met with Laurissa. She is so sweet and we talked about our Heavenly Fathers love for us. Next we met with Colleen and shared the new Easter video with her! Y'all if you haven't seen it please go watch it, it is SO incredible! He lives and through him each of us can find new life! Then we met with Dannie and started teaching her the plan of salvation. It was so good and she just kept saying that everything makes sense. That if it is true it just feels right, amen! Revelation from the spirit is feelings to the heart and thoughts to the mind. We then went to dinner and mellow mushroom and headed to institute. We ended up having a lesson with Justin but it was really good. We talked about eternal marriage and families. That love really does exist and how we can prepare now everyday to be ready to be sealed to our eternal companion. We made goals to read and pray everyday and he is doing better. It was a busy day but a terrific one!(:

Thursday morning we went and had a lesson with Jesse and it was awesome! We talked about the priesthood and service. He is doing so well and is following through on his commitments. He is excited for Saturday and is just so prepared for this gospel. He understands everything and comes up with the coolest analogy to relate it to him. After that we went and helped at the food pantry which was great! I am officially a pro packer of groceries and just always leave smiling. Miss Donna and Harland then took us out to lunch to Big Shanty Smoke House. Oh my goodness y'all it was SO spectacular! The food was delicious and we had tons of fun! It was just this little place with a line out the door and great barbecue! After lunch we had Jocelyn teach us the gospel of Jesus Christ. She is getting really good and it is such great practice for her. She has officially decided to go on a mission and I am so excited for her! She is going to be amazing and change so many lives. I love that girl so much! Then we met with Yasmine and taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is doing awesome and really understands the gospel. She is progressing slowly but surely and has already grown so much. Next we met with Drew and taught him the word of wisdom. The lesson actually went really well and we were really able to connect with him. He is such a great guy and is so sweet. He is really starting to progress and it is so exciting! Bryan and Derik took us to the "Varsity" and they were pumped. They have been looking forward to it forever! It is a famous restaurant in Atlanta that is burgers and Chili dogs. It is huge and is grease on top of grease, the true southern way. To be honest the food was not my favorite but it was all about the experience and we had fun! That night the relief society had spa night and it was fun! 
It was a fantastic St Patrick's Day!🍀☘

Friday morning we had a really great district meeting! We did lots of role playing and it was super fun! Then we went to campus and did some contacting with Will. We met some really cool guys who were on a mission trip for another church. We had a really good conversation with them and it was an awesome learning experience. After that Baylen and Elizabeth taught us the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It went well and I think they both realized how much you have to rely on the spirit when you teach. He is the true teacher! Then we had a lesson with Jocelyn and we got interrupted by Justin but it was good! Next we went and had a lesson with Haylie who is so cute! I love her so much and she is seriously the sweetest! That night we went to a taco truck in Woodstock with Justin K and it was delicious! We had to say goodbye at the risk of transfers which stunk! We have all become such good friends and I love them so much! I hope we will stay friends forever!(:

Saturday was a wonderful day! We went with Jocelyn to chick-fil-a for breakfast and it was delicious. Then we went and saw Jesse for his last lesson as a non member. We talked about honoring the law and enduring to the end. He was super excited and it was so awesome! He said the closing prayer for the lesson and it we amazing to see how much he has grown over these last 6 weeks. After that we went to the food pantry and finished helping which was great. Harland then took us to get some pizza for tomorrow because they were sad they couldn't take us out to eat with it being Sunday. Then we went and saw a less active named Justin. (Yes we have way too many Justins in this branch!) We have been trying to get in contact with him since I got to the area and were so excited when he reached out to us. We had a really good lesson with him and got to know him better. We showed up the Easter video and he loved it! It is so good y'all! Every time I watch it I love it more and more!(: We went home and had lunch and headed to Jesses baptism. The baptism started a bit late because we were waiting for his family to get there but it was so good! Jesse looked so good, and he was just beaming with happiness. Jocelyn and Hanson both gave fantastic talks and the spirit was so strong. It was so cool to see jesses family there supporting him and I know the Lord will soften their hearts. It was a really great baptism and it is just amazing to see the change in Jesse. It is not that their life changes but that they change. It is result incredible! After the baptism we came home to weekly plan! We took a break to go to dinner with T.O which is always super fun! He is so funny and one of the nicest guys I know. He has been taking the sisters to dinner every Saturday forever and it's so cool! We came home to finish weekly planning and headed to bed! It was a terrific day filled with smiles!(:

Sunday was truly a delight! Kamera was able to come to church which was so awesome and the branch welcomed her with open arms. We got to witness Derik blessing the sacrament for the first time and that was amazing. It has been so cool to watch him grown in this gospel and I am so proud of him. Then Jesse was confirmed and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was an amazing blessing and the spirit was so strong. Jesse was just so happy and it was great! We had an high councilman and his wife come to speak and they did a phenomenal job! The husband spoke on 1 Nephi 8 about the tree of life. He compared it to white water rafting, a white knuckle experience hanging on for dear life. In life when we are asked to prepare a talk or working toward the temple we really work on our prayer and scripture study. Or when we are going through a hard time we are clinging to the Lord but when the waters calm down we let go or relax our hands. We need to always be holding tight to the iron rod. And if you have let go or are slipping it is right there just grab it and hold it tight. No matter how far we go it is never too late. We can not descend below where the light of Jesus Christ is possible. He is the light and the life of the world. We must not only endure to the end but endure well! I know that this journey is worth it. That through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can get through anything. One day we will say to our Heavenly Father when the great reward comes "was that all that was required?" Heavenly Father wants to bless us with more than we can ever imagine. He sent his son so that he could walk with us through him we can find eternal joy. Sister Blair and I then had the opportunity to teach relief society on the Restoration of Joseph Smith. It was awesome and as we watched the first vision the spirit filled the room. The Restoration is what it all comes done to, it is the foundation. Because of Joseph smith and his courage we have the same church that Jesus Christ established on the earth again today! Isn't that incredible?? We have a prophet today giving us modern day scripture every time he speaks. I am so grateful for Joseph Smith and for all he went through so that we could have the fulness of the everlasting gospel. After church we had meetings then went to visit Elizabeth who hadn't been feeling too well. That night we met with Miles and then went to dinner at the Mourdock's! It was delicious as always and their family is so sweet! A home cooked meal tasted SO good! I am so grateful for them and all they do for us! It was one of the best Sunday's and I am so thankful for this chance I have to be a missionary.

We got transfer news this morning and I am sadly leaving Big Shanty. My heart is here and I have loved this area so much! I have learned so much and met people i will never forget. I am so grateful for all the memories and learning experiences! I am headed to the Athens zone where I will be white washing Monroe. It is a new adventure and I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store. Thank y'all for your prayers and support! Have a blessed week! And mentally prepare yourselves... I am about to go to the true south sugars!(:

Love, Sister Hosman

St. Patrick's Day!

Dinner at the Varsity!

Jesse's Baptism

Their convert Jocelyn, who they claim as a sister!  She's decided to serve a mission too!

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