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Monday, August 22, 2016

8.22.16 Goodbye to the teenage years🍑

Hey y'all! Another great week here in Georgia! Thank y'all so much for the birthday packages, cards and emails! I was overwhelmed with love and feel so blessed!

One of the miracles of our week was Michael. Michael was a bible referral when I first came to this area. We went to deliver his bible taught him a few lessons but it wasn't really going anywhere. The spirit was so strong in the lessons but he just wasn't ready. We didn't make him a top priority and when we became a trio and things got crazy his name got a little lost. Well, he reached out to us and we decided to go visit him. We retaught him the restoration and it was like teaching a different person! The same strong spirit was there, but he was ready this time. He accepted the challenge to read the BoM and even came to church. It was so amazing! I know it's the Lord's work and it is all done in his timing. It was incredible to see how Heavenly Father had been working on him and preparing his heart for the gospel. He has already changed so much and is so happy!

I had an awesome birthday week filled with laughs and love. On Friday night we decided to try to go see a formal investigator named Tavis we had seen driving earlier that day. She was so happy to see us and we had an awesome lesson with her. Again someone who we hadn't seen in a long time and at that point wasn't quite ready but Heavenly Father has been preparing. She is now reading from the BoM and is really starting to progress. There was a little birthday drama when we thought Sister Stauffer was going to be sent home. She was feeling pretty sick again but they got it worked out and she is still here! Wahoo! However we did have an emergency transfer and are now in a trio! Sister Housel is our new comp and she is from Kamas Utah. She has been out 7 months and is super sweet! We are excited to get to know her better! Thanks again for all your love and support! I feel your prayers everyday. I love y'all so much and you are in my prayers! Don't forget to read and pray this week! Xoxo

Love, Sister Hosman❤️🍑

This cute girl in the ward named Ava made me my first cake!

Birthday celebration with the Cato Family 

Makayla Buckner made this darling cake!

Love this Georgia Peach!

2 0 !!!

Jocelyn came to visit for her birthday!

At the mission office for Emergency transfers and got to see Sister Blair, she's going home in a couple weeks!

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