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Southern Speaking from September 2015 to March 2017

Monday, September 19, 2016

9.19.16 Keep calm and preach on!❤️

Hi y'all!! This week was crazy again but wonderful! We had some unexpected changes, which meant I have had 3 different companions within 10 days!  The work is getting better here each day and there is lots to do! I will miss Sister Schofield so much but I know Heavenly Father has a plan for her. She was having some medical problems and went back home on Friday. She is a great missionary and I learned so much from her in that week we were together!

Tuesday morning we had zone meeting. We only were there for the first hour but it was great. They talked about charity and hope. How we need to love everyone without expecting anything in return. Christ finished the atonement without expecting anything, there was no gold star at the end. True charity requires an eternal perspective. Looking past their temporal flaws and seeing them as who they can become. That night we suddenly got a unexpected text from Caitlyn. She is the girl I talked about last week that Sister Blair told me to find. Last Sunday we texted her to see if she could meet and she wasn't the nicest about it. But on Tuesday she texted us "ok. When can you meet?" We met with her at the church and had a great lesson. She is an amazing girl. She asked us to start teaching her like an investigator, from the beginning. So we did and it is working miracles! I have seen so many miracles on my mission from teaching everyone like investigators. Including active or inactive members and myself. It is incredible! These lessons that we share are truly inspired.

Wednesday morning we met the cutest young mom named Brandie. The sisters were teaching her awhile back but hadn't been able to get in with her for a long time. We got to know her a bit and she has even been reading the BoM. She has the cutest little boys and her 9 year old is so smart. Not much has happened yet but we are planning to see them this week and I'm excited. They are so prepared. Keep them in your prayers and stay tuned!(;

Thursday morning we went and helped a recent convert named Angi make cupcakes. It was so much fun and just what I needed. It was for a beautiful fall wedding and they were delicious! Then we went and had lunch with a new member in our Ward. She is from Russia and her mom was visiting as well. They made us some interesting food and it was good but I don't know If I could eat it for 18 months. I'll stick with my fried chicken and peaches!;) After that we had a lesson with a recent convert named Lisa from China. She doesn't speak English so we were able to skype with the sisters from SLC in temple square. We taught Lisa as they translated and it was such a special experience. I feel so blessed to have the gospel in my life and to know it is the same no matter where I go. For dinner we got to go with Baylen and Elizabeth. They are recent converts from when I was serving at KSU but they live in this area! It was fun to catch up and see how they were doing. I have missed them and love them both so much!

Friday morning we finished packing up Sister Schofield and headed for the mission office. I picked up my beautiful new companion, Sister Nu'usa. She is so sweet and a hard worker. I feel so blessed to be her companion. We were in the MTC together and she is such a wonderful missionary! Transfers took up most of the day but that night we had a great lesson with one of our recent converts. Her name is Semi and she is from Laos!! Shout out to my brother!! I was so excited to meet her and she promised to make us that food some time. She is so sweet and has the strongest testimony.

Sunday I got to be the youth speaker for the Ward because someone else cancelled! I spoke on how to help the poor and the needy. I have really come to realize that we are the poor and needy. We are here to help serve one another. Life is hard and that is no secret. We need each others love and support as well as the love and grace of our savior Jesus Christ. We got a member to go out with us after church and even skipped lunch so we could see as many people as possible. We dropped by about 12 different investigators or less actives and not one person was home. We were all trying to stay so positive but it was getting hard. We had to give up when it was time to head to dinner. Heavenly Father blessed our efforts and things started to turn around. We were trying to meet a less active family and turns out they lived with the members that were feeding us dinner. We got to know them and it was great. There was another less active/part member family near by that we wanted to see. The Elders had tried and didn't have much luck but we both really felt prompted. We knocked on the Cagle families door and he was a bit hesitant at first but let us right in. We got to know the family and shared the importance of the gospel with them. They invited us to come back this weekend for dinner and a message! After that we were on our way home but had about 10 minutes left. Not sure what to do, we suddenly got a prompting and turned into a neighborhood. Cortney, an other investigator we have been trying to see since I got to the area lived there. We were so excited to see lights on when we pulled up. We started walking up the stairs and met him halfway as we scared each other. We got to have a short lesson with them and get to know the family. The spirit was so strong as we talked about baptism and the importance of families with them. Cortney the father, and his two daughters accepted a baptismal date for October 15th! It was a fantastic tender mercy. I know that none of our efforts go waisted and this is the Lord's work. He wants us to succeed. I love y'all so much! Have a great week! Pray for opportunities to serve and follow your promptings.

Xoxo Love,
Sister HosmanπŸ‘
Biggest and most delicious peach ever!!πŸ‘
Teaching with the SLC temple square sisters!!πŸ‘πŸΌ

Sister Schofield got to hold baby Hyrum before she went home and I got as close as I could! Lol! 

Dropping her off! I love this girl so much!πŸ’—

Eating Lap for Zach! One of our recent converts is from Laos!!πŸ˜€

Scary man in the tree!! Hahaha

One year down!!!! 

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