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Monday, November 16, 2015

11.16.15 Limo rides and Santa Clause!

It was a beautiful week here in Georgia! Here are a couple highlights..

The week started off great with zone meeting! We had some very inspiring and spiritual trainings. I love gathering together as missionaries. It is so powerful! A recent convert named Sandy came and spoke to us and it was amazing. She has an incredible story and radiated with the spirit. The lord really is preparing people for us to teach. All of us. This is the lords work. I feel so honored to be apart of it. After the meeting we went out to lunch as sisters! A woman paid for all us which was so nice! We actually also got to meet someone who was interested in the church and we will be starting to teach her next week!(: we had a great lesson with Michael! He has been taking lessons for over a year and he has finally started to read the Book of Mormon! We are so excited! The Book of Mormon is such a powerful book and so essential to conversion! We also had a great lesson with Kathy that night about the word of wisdom.
This is Mary

Wednesday and Thursday are a blur! Haha we had our annual meeting as Mormon warriors on Thursday! We actually got to see Mary which was great!(: On Wednesday we were helping someone with some projects around the house and there was a spider crawling up sisters back. I didn't know what to do so I grabbed him well he bit me :( but at least I saved I sister!(: Thursday the Adams took us out to dinner! we went to the diner and it was SO good! He had us wear his hats from WWll it was so much fun(:

Friday was a great day started off with weekly planning! Then we went tracting and met some great people!(: I love the south so much! We went back to Tommy! Crazy that that was a month ago! But anyway I think I told you that he looks just like Santa clause well he really is Santa clause! He really has been to Santa school and everything!!!  I didn't even know that was a thing! He learned sign language and all this stuff! How cool is that?!(: who knew you can actually go to Santa school?! That night we had a great lesson with Kate and Emmah! We ended getting to ride in a Limo and it was so fun!(:

Saturday morning we had a lesson with Emmah. She is so incredible! I admire her so much. I wish every one of you could hear her testimony.  She told us stories about back in Liberia and bore her testimony to us. It was truly amazing. She has such strength and the spirit is so strong when she testifies. I am so grateful that she is apart of my life.

This is Emmah
Sunday was the primary program! It was so fun! Those kids are so cute! The songs are such a great reminder to us of the basic fundamentals that are important! I was pleasantly surprised that i still knew every word!(: We had some meetings and then a recent convert and her family wanted to come out with the missionaries. They made rice crispies and we went out and delivered them to some of our investigators! It was so fun and they all loved it(: It was great day!

Overall it was beautiful rainless week here in Georgia!(: It is getting chilly and and all the leafs are falling :( Thank you all for your love and support. I am so grateful for each one of you. Lots of love!

~Sister Hosman

Apparently, a recent converts husband owns a limo!  How fun for them!

This is us with Brother Adams. We went out to eat with them and he made us wear his hats from WWll.
I'll talk about it in my email. They are the sweetest couple and just love the missionaries!

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