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Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday! Emergency Transfer!

Rachael's new address as of Nov. 29th, 2015

4044 George Busbee Parkway #6208
Kennesaw, GA  30144

Friday morning I received several texts from members and investigator's letting me know that Rachael was being transferred and she was struggling with it!  I am so grateful for these sisters and their love and care - I asked Rachael to tell me a little bit about them.

This is Betsy and her daughter Isabelle

Betsy is one of our investigators. she saved me and I have no idea what I would have done without her. She is a saint. And should be getting baptized soon I hope to be able to go back for it. She gave me the nick name of sister sassy. 😂 I love her dearly. We always are doing service for her. She helped me pack and we cried together.

Cindy Williams picked us up the very first day and brought us to level creek. She cried when she found out I was leaving. She took us to say bye to Emmah and to the bishops to get a blessing. She took us to chick-fil-a after for lunch. Very sweet woman.

The Garfield Family
The Garfields are such a great family. I had my first meal the first day in level creek and my last night there. Funny how that works out. She too cried and was upset I was gone. That's where I was supposed to skype home and have Christmas Dinner. They have 6 kids she was pregnant but lost the baby :( the youngest boy is named Griffin. They are the sweetest family. I love them. He served in SLC

She texted me, "I am sister Garfield!  Your daughter Rachel is here tonight and I wanted you to know how much I love her!  She came to my house on her very first day in Georgia and she came on her very last night in the Level Creek Ward!  We love her and hat the she is leaving us so soon!"

And then there is Rhonda Watkins, a sister who has sent photos, picked of RX's, mailed packages for Rachael, spent her week between jobs tracking with the sisters, and fed them countless times.  Rachael wrote home, Sister Watkins is the one you got those pics from. She is a convert of
a couple years and takes care of us. We love her. She is a saint.  

I don't know who to thank for this act of service, "A woman in the ward went to the farmers market and got fresh honey..she said that if I ate some every morning it would help with my allergies because it was like a vaccine for my body with the pollen! It has totally worked! How cool and crazy is that"?

Or the Mom, who could hear Rachael was wheezing and took a nebulizer to her apartment and helped her until her lungs sounded better.  Then gave her a talk about using her inhaler regularly and explained why her allergies were bad (mold) in Georgia.  I am so grateful for these amazing women who have loved and taken care of my daughter!  Thank you Level Creek/Sugar Hill ward! 

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