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Monday, November 9, 2015

11.9.15 Update from your Georgia Peach

Hey y'all here is just a couple highlights from my fantastic week!  The field is white and work is progressing!

Tuesday was a great day! We started off with an awesome district meeting! We talked about how we really use these Christ like attributes and become like Christ. If you think about it after spending all our time and energy with one person like our best friend or our companion. We start to become like them. We pick up little habits and traits. My mama always told me "you are judged by the company you keep." So if we put all our time, energy and focus in Christ we will become like Him and pick up His traits/attributes.  After the meeting we had an amazing lesson with Michael! The spirit was very strong and we were able to connect with him. He has been taking the lessons for almost 2 years but we are really seeing some
progress! We also got to meet with a less active we have been trying to get in with since we first got here and she brought her friend who was interested and became a new investigator!  It was a great start to a fantastic week!(:

Another great day in the peach state! Thursday morning we had an awesome lesson with Emmah! She is so incredible and the spirit is always so strong in our lessons! Her strength and fire faith amaze me!  We then got to have our annual Mormon warriors meeting with Robert!  We decided to drop by on Mary and thank heavens she is feeling better!

There has been a rain streak here and it seems it's carried through the flu and bronchitis with it! :/ Next we had a lesson with Mildrid she is seriously the sweetest lady! She doesnt remember our names or the last time we came but she lights up every time she sees us! We just talk with her for a bit and read the Book of Mormon with her! She has such a sweet heart! We had some time for tracting before dinner and decided to stop by a guy we met when we first got here. He was home and happy to see us! We got to teach him a bit and commit him to read the Book of Mormon. It was super cool! He had the missionaries visiting him over 20 years ago but now was interested! It was a super busy but fantastic day in the Lord's vineyard!(:

Friday we had weekly planning of course! Then we had a great lesson with a woman named Elyce who was actually a referral! We were able to answer her questions and clear a few things up for her. Her husband was home too and he decided to sit in which was awesome! We meet some pretty cool people tracting and then were able to meet up with some
less actives! After dinner we went to ice cream with Kathy! It was a lot of fun and we had some great discussion!(: A good start to an amazing weekend!(:

Saturday was a roller coaster of a day! We went tracting in the trailer park and met this amazing southern woman. She refers to herself as the black, fat Mariah Carey! She started singing the Lord's Prayer to us right there on the front steps! It was awesome and she has a great voice! We tried to hurry back and beat the rain but got stuck in the middle of it! It was super fun sliding down the hills though!(: We went to call Mary to make sure she was feeling better and was planning on coming to church with us when there was a plot twist. She explained that she no longer wanted to come to church. She had her reasons and they made sense but wow it was hard! I couldn't help but cry. She was my first investigator and I have come to love her SO much. I know this is just not her timing and that the lord has a plan for her. We will stop by occasionally and keep her in our prayers.Donna took us out for dinner to Mexican food and it was delicious!! After we had a great lesson with Kate and her family and it turned out to be a good night!

What an amazing sabbath! We had a girl in our ward just return from her mission in Mexico speak! She talked about the lords vineyard and like the master of the vineyard the lord cares about every tree. No matter what shape,size,color or personality he knows each one of us and takes time to carefully prune us. "He shows into men their weaknesses that they may become strong." (Ether 12:27) She did a great job! Then we had an incredible musical number with violins and the
piano playing the song "How great thou art" it was truly amazing. So beautiful and the spirit was so strong! Music just has a special way of bringing the spirit and I love it! After church we had a great lesson with Michael! He is really starting to progress and it is so exciting!  We had another great lesson with the Ramirez family who are getting ready to go to the temple!(: It was an awesome day!

Overall I am loving being a missionary in the lords vineyard! I know this is his work and feel so blessed to be a part of it. Hope y'all have a blessed week! Thank you so much for the love and support you give me!

Love y'all!
~Sister Hosman
Biking in the rain! 

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