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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!🍁

Hey y'all coming at ya live from the peach state! 

Things are great here and I'm still happy as ever! Fall is beautiful and we finally got a taste of winter this last weekend. 

We had a wonderful zone conference this week combined with the Rosewell zone. It is always such a blessing to be gathered with a big group of the Lord's servants. We learned lots about charity and how to be better teachers. It is hard to get up early and all the other fun things missionaries get to do but if we are motivated by love it is so much easier. That is the key. Being motivated by love, love for your investigators, for God and for the work!❤️

I received a letter during zone conference from a 17 year old girl named Alyssa. It was amazing and I can't describe to y'all how much I needed it that day. She is a super cute girl from my home stake that was baptized four years ago but I don't believe we have ever met. She wrote a letter thanking me for choosing to serve a mission and expressing her dream of serving one day. She said to keep up no matter what and to find those who are ready for the gospel like she was. It was so cool and such a tender mercy. I know my Heavenly Father knew I needed it and it was an answer to prayer. 

Gloria is getting baptized on Saturday and we are so excited! We had several amazing lessons with her this week and she is so ready. One was on Tuesday and we went over the plan of salvation. The mission department from Salt Lake City sent someone to our mission so he could observe our teaching for research. So he joined us for that lesson and it went great. Gloria understood it all and asked great questions. All week she has been making comments to the King family and her nurses about her baptism. How happy she is and how "she can't drink coffee because she is getting baptized!" At the end of the lesson we sang the hymn "Families Can Be Together Forever". She asked us what would happen to her sons who haven't accepted the gospel. We were able to bare testimony that they will have their chance to accept it too. If not in this life then in the spirit world. That everyone has their time just like now is her time. Smiles and peace filled the room and it was amazing. Then on Thursday we had another lesson and President Bennnion got to join us! (Super cool experience to teach with your mission President btw) We taught about tithing and fast offerings and immediately she was asking how much of her social security she would need to pay. Her faith has grown so much and I'm so proud of her. President Bennion was able to share an amazing story and testimony about the important of paying fast offerings that really touched her. It brought the spirit so strongly. 

The whole thing is such a miracle and I'm so grateful to be apart of it. I wanted to share a bit of the background story with y'all! So a couple months back in October before General conference, Sister King was getting frustrated with having to take care of her mom 24 seven. Which was very understandable. She called different nurses as well as nursing homes trying to find the best place for her mom to go. She was quite into the process when General conference weekend began. All weekend long she had a nagging feeling to have the missionaries teach her mom. Knowing that she had tried many times in the past with no success she was hesitant and kept pushing the feeling aside. After General conference she decided to talk to her husband about it and get his input. He said well why not it's worth a shot maybe it's her time now. Later that night we decided we should stop by and get to know the King family. I had known their daughter Kristen from serving and the Big Shanty YSA branch, but wanted to meet her family. Before we left their home Sister King talked to us about "practice teaching" her mom the discussions. She informed us that this was all it would be and to not get our hopes up for anything more. So we started coming by every Monday night and teaching her mom. Two things you need to know about Ms. Gloria; first, she is very hard of hearing so we seriously have to yell at her when we teach and it is so funny. Second, is that she forgets who Sister King is or where she is at times but if you ask her about the spirit world she will tell ya all about it. It is truly incredible! The first lesson was amazing and the spirit was so strong. Gloria was getting it and we could all see that the Lord has been preparing her. To our surprise the second lesson went even better and Miss Gloria was put on date for baptism. Through Gloria's amazing journey Sister King continued to say "we will see " when anyone talked about her baptism. However, this week after our lesson on Thursday with President Bennion Sister King said with tears in her eyes, "Wow! This is actually happening! " The timing couldn't be better. Brother King was just released  as bishop about 6 months ago. Now he has time to help assist getting Gloria to and from church which he would have never been able to do before. God is preparing people for us to find and teach every minute. He is the true converter. I love Gloria with all my heart and know that this is her time to accept the wonderful good news of the gospel in its fullness. I'm so grateful for the spirit of revelation. If Sister King never listened to that prompting we would have missed the opportunity to teach her. 

My heart is filled with gratitude and I feel so blessed. I am so grateful for this gospel and the restoration of the priesthood. For the Book of Mormon which we can read for ourselves and know if it is true. I am so grateful for my mission and this time that I have to share the good news with my brothers and sisters. His glorious gospel provides answers to lives biggest questions. Even when things don't go the way we think I know God has a perfect plan. His hand is in absolutely everything we do. I'm so thankful for my family and each one of you. Your love and support mean the world to me! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it's a peachy one!(: 


Sister HosmanπŸ‘

Loved seeing Gremmy @ Zone Conference

Sister Hosman and Sister Nu'usa @ Zone Conference

The Fall leaves are gorgeous!

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