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Monday, November 14, 2016

Pray, he is there❤️

Hey y'all! 

The weather is still beautiful and the work is going great here in Hickory Flat! I am feeling so much better and so grateful to be here. 

First off, I had a great follow up appointment with the doctor and am so grateful for him. Thank you so much for your love and support. He hasn't read the BoM yet but we talked to him more and he showed us pictures of his cute family. We talked about our purpose as missionaries and how the gospel blesses families. We asked if we could send the missionaries in his area to his home and he said YES! It was so exciting! Keep praying and I will try to keep y'all updated! :)

Jocelyn Pulsipher (one of our recent converts) and her husband just received their first two foster boys. One is two and the other is 6 weeks old. They are so sweet and the Ward came to the rescue. They were a bit overwhelmed and only had a few hours to get everything ready. The Ward came together and showed up with strollers, clothes, cribs, food, blankets and much more! It was amazing and this Ward is truly incredible. I love the family that the church provides whoever you go. They are seriously the sweetest boys and have been through so much. I didn't get pics lastweek but will this week for sure. :) 

I also got to go on exchanges with Sister Cunningham this week and it was wonderful. I learned so much from her and really enjoyed it. She is such a great missionary and has so much love for everyone. She is a great example of charity and has such a powerful testimony. She will certainly be missed. 

We had a great lesson with Gloria this week on temples. Sister Cunningham was there with me and it went really well. The spirit was so strong and she understood it all. The family was really emotional and it was so cool to have the daughter (Sister King) explain that she had done the work for the rest of the family and were baptized too. Gloria loved that and she is so excited for her baptism day. She has been telling all the nurses that she "can't drink coffee anymore because she is gonna be baptized!" It is amazing and has been so cool to watch her grow. I am so grateful for the temple where families can be sealed together for time and all eternity. 

This past Sunday was the primary program and it was sooo good! They touched on missionary work, temples and the restoration. It was so good! Maybe it's because I'm missionary but the missionary part touched me so much! Picture this: me and my companion are sitting in the back of the chapel, right next to where the big curtain would normally close. We sit there and watch the kids say "hi" to their families. It was so cute! And then they present the missionary portion of the program and the Alley boys (family in the Ward) got up and sing "We'll Bring the World His Truth". My companion and I are sitting there bawling our eyes out because the message has touched us. It touched me so much because I love missionary work! It reminded me of how great my calling is and how grateful I am to be on a mission! I've learned so much and it's so crazy to see how fast time flies by! 

This week I have been studying about the Lord's Prayer in Matthew chapter 6. The institute manual has so many insights and I learned so much. It talked about how it is meant to be learned from, not necessarily memorized and repeated. It broke up each sentence and what we can learn from them. I made a deal with my Heavenly Father that for the rest of my mission I will say my nightly prayer out loud in my closet. As it talked about in verse 6 of that chapter. It has been great and such a spiritual experience for me. I feel the spirit so strong and like I am really having a conversation with him. I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and the ability we have to communicate with him. I invite each of you to do the same and promise you will feel the spirit more abundantly in your life. 

Have a blessed week, love y'all so much! 


Sister Hosman

Super fun Ward bonfire on Monday night! Huge success, such a good idea :)

Out to lunch with the sisters after zone training! :)

Got to see Derik this week! It was so good to see him!(: 


So beyond grateful for this wonderful doctor!!❤️

Dat braid tho(;

Ms Gloria! My sunshine! She is so sweet and I love her so much! 

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