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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1.10.17 Faith is like a little seed...

Hey there y'all!! :)

First of all is transfer news!! I am staying here in Laurel Springs but getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Crowton but I don't know much about her. I am excited to get to know her and promise to send pics next week! Sister Evans is going to UGA campus in Athens and I am so excited for her. She will love it so much! 

It has been one cold week here in Georgia but still a great one. When everyone was worried about getting snow I didn't believe them but we did get some after all. 

Wednesday we had a wonderful zone meeting on Christlike attributes. One of my favorite lines in PMG (a guidebook for missionaries) is "just as important as what you do is who you are". We are here to become more like our brother and Savior Jesus Christ. It is a life long pursuit but I know that we can really become like him. As I mention every time I love gathering together as missionaries and the spirit is always so strong. It truly warms my heart and motivates me to be better. 

This week we were able to see Sam several times and he is doing so well. He has changed so fast and so much in these last couple weeks. It's been truly amazing to see the Lord work on him and his heart. You can really feel his hunger for the spirit and for truth. This week we were able to watch him liken the scriptures to himself and begin to highlight the verses he loved. As well as teach his girlfriend and bear testimony to him. It was so cool. We brought a convert named Monica and as she was sharing her story she talked about a warmness and goodness she felt. Sam said "I have felt that too!" The spirit is the true teacher and it is so humbling. We had great discussions about prayer, faith, obedience and the BoM. We are really working on getting him to come to church but his schedule is crazy right now. Continue to pray for him! 

Last week I know I talked about Andy so a little update on him. He is doing good and even came to church this last week. We had a great lesson with him and he really opened up to us. He hadn't read the BoM yet but promised to this week. He has been through some really hard times but is interested in learning more. He is a minister so his questions can be tricky but the spirit is truly helping us. We are looking forward to teaching him about God's plan of happiness this next week. 

My faith has grown so much these last 17 months. Not just my faith but my faith in the lord Jesus Christ. Through experience, service, prayer, study and more. I have learned that faith truly is closing your eyes and listening to you heart. Faith leads you to act and become better. I have learned to rely on the Lord and trust in him. Faith is knowing good will come but it seems to come after we have been tried. It can and should be growing each and every day. If you are wanting to grow your faith and relationship with Jesus Christ this next year you should and you can. Start with prayer. Take 5 minutes a day to read from the BoM. Pray for opportunities to serve and follow your promptings. If you do I promise you will see a difference in your life and your faith will grow! Start with that desire, that's the seed and if planted it will grow! :) 

Time is flying by and I can't believe I am starting my last transfer. It doesn't seem real and it really hasn't hit me yet. But I am loving it and am so grateful for all I have learned and continue to learn. I have made some goals and promised to give the Lord my all. Thank you for all your love and support. I feel it everyday and am eternally grateful. Have a blessed week, I love y'all! 

Sister Hosman 

Sister Christensen you will be so missed. You have been such a huge blessing in my life and the lives of many others here in Georgia. Love you so much!πŸ’—

Who knew??? Icicles in Georgia?! 
This is our little buddy Zachary❤️ He is Jenn B's son! ( the less active and Sam's girlfriend) 

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  1. It is glad to know that you are doing fine in the mission and your faith has developed more. I think faith is all have to do with your inner soul, once you start believing, it starts flourishing.