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Monday, January 30, 2017

1.30.17 The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Hey there y'all!! :) 

We had a wonderful zone conference and world wide meeting this week. The spirit was so strong and I learned so much. It was a crazy week but here is the main story! 

It all started on Tuesday when we went on an exchange. Sister Hosman was talking with Sister Smith and told her "man you have such cool mission stories! I need more cool stories!"... little did she know the Lord had something in mind the very next day.

Wednesday was the world wide missionary broadcast. It was an amazing meeting. Where we learned about the changes to the mission schedule, and heard the apostles and other church leaders discuss ways we can improve as missionaries. It was awesome and we were all so pumped to get to work. 

We hurried out to the cars.  Sister Hosman opened the car door to get inside, and Sister Hollowell in the car next to ours opened her door from the inside to get out. All we heard was a- smack! Not car door on car door... but two car doors sandwiching Sister Hosman's finger! As a natural response she shook off her hand - like when your finger gets jammed. But as she shook her hand blood spewed everywhere! Sister Hosman turned white and looked to Sister Rasmussen and said "My finger is off!" 

Before Sister Hosman could fall down or pass out. We helped her to lay down. Sister Crowton grabbed her pillow out of the car and laid it under her head. Sister Smith had a very cool head and helped her to breathe slowly. 

She told Elder Brown to go grab paper towels and he looked so confused, so sister Rasmussen told him "they're in the church!" So he was like "Oh yes!" And ran into the church. He came out with the whole roll of church towels. Sister Smith wrapped her finder. And Elder Klingler (the only elder with a clear head) came over and knelt down by Sister Hosman's head. And asked for her name. He gave her a quick blessing and we rushed into the cars. 

Sister Crowton got 7 speeding violations, and ran a red light... We showed up to the urgent care and after the Dr looked at her finger in amazement he said that they couldn't care for that there and we needed to go to the ER. So we rushed to the ER. 

It was a bit of a mess at the hospital they were unorganized and the assistant doing the X-ray on Sister Hosman's hand tried flirting with her by saying "For being in so much pain, you are really pretty." It was a bit frustrating. But there was a nurse, Sarah, who did 4 loose stitches in her hand so it would be okay for the night. Because we were having to go see the plastic surgeon the next day. 

After leaving the Dr we realized we needed to ask the nurse Sarah a question. So we called the hospital, and asked for the nurse Sarah, the Dr's said she didn't work there. We were so confused. Sister Hosman said "She just did stitches in my hand 20 minutes ago..." but apparently that nurse Sarah didn't exist.

That evening Sister Hosman got a priesthood blessing. In the blessing she was blessed to heal quickly, and that it would have no long term effects. She was also blessed that she would feel angels around her through this trial. And that this trial would be a blessing she would be grateful for. 

At the plastic surgeon the next day, he was so surprised to see how much it had healed already! The nurse Sarah had aligned everything back together perfectly. So perfectly that the bone was in a place he would not have to do surgery! He said it was so small that if they did do a pin it would probably just break the bone worse. So they put it in a splint and said he wants her back in 2 weeks to make sure it is healing and no plastic surgery would be necessary. 

Looking back, there were so many details and blessing that went into this trial of a broken finger. It has brought the sisters in our zone closer together. It's been a lesson on humility and patience as Sister Crowton has gotten the chance to bath Sister Hosman while wearing a little make shift swim suit, and help her get dressed in the morning then into pajamas at night. Sister Crowton and Sister Hosman have grown close through this experience. It hasn't been easy. But the Lord's ways are higher than our own. And we can grow as we follow His will. :) 

Sam and Jenn are still doing great and look forward to coming to church this week. Audra is amazing and looking forward to her baptism this Saturday! The blessings of Monica serving a mission have already come to the family. Andy got an incredible job and is moving today to Washington DC! We are sad to see him go but hope to still teach him when he comes back on the weekends. The work is going well and I feel so blessed! Love y'all! 

Sister Hosman 

(My comp typed this story up, she is amazing) 

Pictures from the hospital after the Plastic Surgeon appointment

It was so good to see Sister Evans again. She is doing great and loving UGA! 

As a Mom I can't express enough love for this wonderful companion who is taking such good care of Rachael!

Sister Hollowell and her broken companions hahah 

I love this picture. I know we are truly surrounded by angels❤️

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  1. My feelings are Sympathetic for Sister Hosman,it's a fact that Lord works in mysterious ways and nothing we can do before him.I really love the last picture,agree with you.We are always surrounded by angels.