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Monday, February 6, 2017

2.6.17 - "The Rock" ❤️

Hey y'all! 

The South...where football is a religion. Haha, it was a fun week with the Falcons playing in the super bowl. Everyone was dressed in red and black yesterday, including us! I was sad to hear they lost but still proud of what sounds like a good game! It was another blessed great week here working in the Lord's vineyard... 

Sam and Jenn are doing great! We had a couple wonderful lessons with them this last week. We were able to read with them, as well as teach them about fasting. They both fasted on Sunday with us, but weren't able to come to church. Some family things came up, and they had a rough morning. Both of them are going through some tough things right now, but staying strong. It is so cool because Sam immediately recognized that it was satan trying to stop him from changing his life for the better. We finally got to meet Sams twin boys who are 9 years old! The moment we walked in the door they jumped up in their matching outfits to give us a big huge. It melted our hearts! They are so sweet and it was so neat to watch Sam be such a fantastic father. You could really see and feel the love he had for them. 

Audra's Baptism was amazing!! Wow. Definitely the highlight of the week! The spirit was so strong. And a miracle occurred! Her parents came and her husband! She didn't think they would support her but they came! And we know they felt something. Her husband even teared up. We were able to do a little musical number "Where Can I Turn For Peace" with a pretty arrangement by Sister Dean in the ward here. We were nervous but we knew it would mean a lot to Audra. She is always talking about trying to find peace. It went so well and Audra loved it! 

When we were walking with Audra to the font she was so nervous. And a huge tender mercy happened! 

Back story- Audra has been investigating for a year now and it all started when she went to a birthday party at her daughters friends house. She was nervous to leave her daughter with people she didn't know, so she stayed for a bit. She started to notice really beautiful pictures of Jesus Christ on the walls and asked the woman what religion they were. Of course they were- MORMONS! So that's where the curiosity started. Well, that woman and Audra became good friends and she was a resource for her to turn to when she had questions and such. Back to the baptism-

So we were walking to the font and Audra was really nervous and in rushes this woman because she was running late and didn't want to miss Audra's baptism. When Audra saw her she gave her a huge hug and they were both crying. Audra thanked her and said how grateful she was for her, and if it wasn't for her she wouldn't be here today. I was tearing up too. It was a special moment for all of us. To realize everything we do people notice and we are missionaries just in our actions. You never know when you are planting a seed. 

One of the sweetest parts of the baptism though was when Jake her youngest (4) turned to her after she was baptized and said "Mom are you happy?" And Audra said "Yes Jakey I am very happy." And Jake whispered back "I am too!" It was so neat. We felt it too. It was a really amazing baptismal service! 

I heard this story in Relief society yesterday and haven't stopped thinking about it since. We titled the story- "The Rock".
There was this man who was asked by the Lord to push this rock. So he obeyed. He pushed and pushed and pushed on this rock, but it wouldn't move. Frustrated, he told the Lord, "I can't move this rock!" The Lord said, "Just keep pushing." So he kept trying. He kept pushing on the rock, but still nothing. This man pushed until he could not push any more! Exhausted, he told the Lord, "I can't do it. I can not move this rock." The Lord comforted him and said, "I didn't ask you to move it. I just asked you to push it, and now look how strong you are." 

When you are obedient you know that Heavenly Father is there, no matter what. He has a totally different way of doing math. Sometimes we think A+B=C and that's it. The point is to be obedient not to get the blessings. (although the blessings are amazing) You grow by challenges. That's the only way we grow. That is why we came down here. Put Him first. He will help us. Do the small and simple things. I promise you will feel the difference! More happiness, love, peace and patience will come into your life. That is the fruits of the spirit of the Lord. Have a blessed week, I love y'all! 

Sister Hosman 

This is Joan! My best friend from the assisted living we volunteer at

Love both of these sisters so much! It has been an incredible 18 months with them. Last MLC

Audra's Baptism

Her family at her baptism

Sam's 9 year old twin boys, and Jenn's son Zac

We still love our Falcon's


  1. Really nice post, good to see that you had fun filled week. Always good to spend time with your loved ones, thanks for sharing your moment with us

  2. You are right! FOOTBALL is a religion and the fans due worship their favorite players. But at times they have to bear the grim hours when their lost the game.