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Southern Speaking from September 2015 to March 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017

1.23.17 Go Falcons!!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜€πŸˆ

Hi y'all!! 
First things first, we are safe and happy as ever! The tornado did not effect us but thank you for your prayers and concerns. We had a great week and are feeling very blessed. We are working with so many great people! Here are some details about it!!

Sam and Jenn Boutwell are doing great! They are seriously my favorite!! We were able to help Jenn find her patriarchal blessing. She read it for the first time since her 20's and we think that it opened her eyes to the blessings she is missing out on. She now carries her BOM everywhere she goes in her purse! She is like a missionary! Sam told us he is ready to be baptized! Which is amazing, but we have to help them get married. They are working through some blended family logistics. But, we hope to continue to see progress over the little bit. Jenn and Sam are just so awesome! They both prayed for us this week. It is so cool to see them growing and changing. 

Audra is on date to be baptized February 4th!! She has so many questions all the time!! She is so funny. She was worried she couldn't get baptized because her kids don't want to come to church, and because she is a stay at home mom she doesn't have in income so she doesn't have anything to pay tithing on. So she asked if missionary's could stay in her lake house as a tithing payment or something.. haha she's just so funny!  She is truly elect and has such a love for the scriptures. We are so excited for her! Please keep her in your prayers :) 

We had another lesson with the Propes family. It went wonderfully!! The kids are just hungry for the gospel. When talking about Joseph smith and the first vision it was like they couldn't take their eyes off of us. We asked them how they felt, and in mesmerized voices, their responses were "amazed"  (7 yr old), "speechless" (15yr old), "warm inside and like something like that could happen to me!" (12 yr old). It was so great! We have another lesson with them this week and are excited to see where this goes!! It is truly all about being in the right place at the right time. The ward is amazed they are opening up to us but we have faith that this is their time. 

Andy Phillips is doing great! He is a nonmember. We had a lesson with him this week, and it went really well. He continues to surprise us with reading so much in the Book of Mormon. He is very very nervous about his daughter Monica leaving on her mission. He is scared he will be lonely. Over a year ago his wife and Monica's mom suddenly passed away. They are still sad about it, but it's cool how it has brought them to the gospel. We are excited to teach him about the Plan of Salvation this week and know it will bring peace to his heart knowing he will see his wife again. Monica's farewell is this Sunday and she is so ready! She will be amazing missionary and touch many lives, including her dads. 

At our lesson with Andy Saturday, Sister Crowton's heart started racing and she started to feel very light headed and weird. So we called the mission nurse and they said to go to the emergency room immediately. Unfortunately, we didn't have a car this week only bikes so we had to call members. Sister Hosman had the feeling to call a member and it was crazy she was just about to be driving past our apartment on the way home so it worked out perfect. We went to the hospital, and the Dr's said everything was normal. It could have just been exhaustion, anxiety, or some little virus thingy. They don't know. But after some rest and taking things slow Sunday she is doing great! Never a dull moment! :) 

This Sunday we had a youth led sacrament and it was so cool! I was so impressed and the spirit was so strong. They all spoke on different Christlike attributes from Preach My Gospel. The closing song was them singing the EFY medley. A mix of "As Sister's in Zion" and "We'll bring the World his Truth." It was powerful and I couldn't help but flash back to my wonderful memories of EFY. Time is flying by and I can't believe I am here now bringing the World His truth. It is the greatest thing in the whole world. Heavenly Father is truly moving his work forward. This is the time to prepare! What are you doing to prepare and strengthen your relationship with him today? :) 

I love y'all!  Stay peachy :) 
Sister Hosman 

Sister Crowton and Sister Hosman with Monica - a new convert who is leaving to serve a mission soon!

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  1. Good post, I thoroughly enjoyed it, not for a single moment I lost my interest in it. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting more such posts