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Southern Speaking from September 2015 to March 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

1.15.17 - The final 6 weeks!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰

Hey y'all! 

I can't believe I am a week into my last transfer. Where did the time go? It has been so fun to get pictures of friends beginning to return home from their missions. I am so proud of them and grateful for their service and example to me. It has been a fantastic and I am so excited to see what the lord has in store... 

I know I talk about Sam and Jenn every week but words can't express my love for them. In every area you know their are certain reasons you are called there. Sam and Jenn are definitely one of the reasons I know I was called to finish strong in Laurel Springs! So many amazing miracles happened with them this last week. 7 weeks ago when I first met Jenn she assured us that she would not pray or read but that we could come visit her. This last week Jenn prayed for us out loud and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong and touched my heart as she prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for sending missionaries her way. Jenn hadn't been to church since she was 16 years old and was very nervous to ever come with her sweet 15 year old named Zachary. He is autistic and about the age of a 4 year old in his brain. But THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! Pure joy filled my heart as I watched them walk through those doors. One of those moments that you feel the true joy of missionary work. Where you know this is exactly where you are supposed to me. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world. They all had a great experience. Although we were all unsure how Zach would be and what kind of words he would yell, the loudest thing he proclaimed was "Amen!" He is truly a southern boy. I also gained a lot of respect for my mother and the many mothers who sit in sacrament meeting trying to occupy their children while still listening to the message. It was tricky but an experience I will never forget. We went over to their home last night and had a great discussion. We talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Sam told us he felt ready to be baptized. Of course there will need to be a wedding before that happens but it was so exciting. We were able to help Jenn find her patriarchal blessing so she could read it for the first time in many years. They have grown so much and I am so proud of them.❤️

Andy is also doing awesome and in his first week of reading he made it to the end of 2 Nephi! He had the opportunity to sit outside the temple while his daughter Monica received her endowments and that was really special for him. He had been struggling with the plan of salvation but that opportunity came at the perfect time and was a huge tender mercy. 

Sister Crowton is my new companion and she is amazing! She is from Pleasant View Utah and will hit her year mark this week. She is a wonderful teacher and missionary. I feel so blessed to have such an awesome final companion and murderer as they say in the mission!(; 

We had a meeting with President Bennion this week and he told a story that has really stuck with me. Every Monday night they invite the missionaries and those they are teaching over for family night. A fun time to get together and play a game, have a treat and a gospel lesson. This last Monday there was a family with a single mom and 9 children. President and Sister Bennion had each given them a BoM and invited them to read it. The next time the family saw President Bennion the 9 year old girl in the family ran up to him. She opened her personal copy of the BoM and was so excited to show him what she had highlighted. It was 1 Nephi 1:12. 

12 And it came to pass that as he read, he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord.

A scripture verse that was so simple but so true. She then pointed to herself and said "that is what happened to me, I felt it!" I don't know if I have ever really noticed that verse before and the truth of it. As we read the Book of Mormon, we are filled with the spirit of the lord. I LOVE the BoM and am so grateful for the peace, strength, comfort and guidance it gives me. Every time I read I am filled with the love and spirit of the lord. I know that you can be too. Even if it is is just for 5 minutes a day. The BoM is a life changer. It is is written for YOU and for me. Regardless of your age of where you are at in your life. I promise it will make a difference in your everyday life as you make time to read it and you will get closer to god and his son Jesus Christ. 

I love y'all and am so grateful for all you do! Have a blessed week and don't forget to read and pray. Xoxo 

Sister Hosman 

So true! Blessed to have wonderful grandmothersπŸ’—

Sad to say this is the one pic we have.  Promise more next week! She is super sweet and I love her tons :) 

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