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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10.13.15 I think I'm gonna like it here!

Hey y'all!(: it's been a beautiful week here in Georgia! The people
are so amazing here! I fall more in love with the south everyday!

Today we had zone meeting all day. It was great! I really enjoyed it.
There were a lot of great trainings and it was super fun to see some
familiar faces from the MTC.  We learned lots of good tricks to help
manage our time and finding the elect. We also talked about how
important it is to invite people to church. How essential taking the
sacrament is and how at times I think we take it for granted. We
really are so blessed. Church is such a great time to take a break of
the world and feed our spirits. I love the peace it brings. We got to
go to lunch after with the sisters which was really fun then we went
to a trailer park for some tracting. We met lots of wonderful people(:

I gave away my first Book of Mormon(: we meet a guy tracting who was
very persistent that Joseph Smith made the whole book up. He has
researched lots and was positive it was all fake. We talked with him
for quite awhile and finally I said "Have you ever read the BoM?" He
said well no because it was all made up. Long story short we then
challenged him to read it and ask God for himself it was true. He
agreed as long as we took an anti Mormon article from him and read it.
We agreed and have a return appointment this week. We will see what
happens but both me and Sister Mathison have lots of faith in him(: we
had an amazing lesson with Mary on the temple. She is great! She had
lots of questions but we were able to answer them and the spirit was
so strong! She is really progressing(: After that we had dinner with
our ward mission leader and his family! We talked about service and
his wife said she has been praying for a big service opportunity. Like
she wanted a "save a starving child from Africa" experience. It was
great they came with us after to an appointment with Emmah who was
baptized the Saturday before I got here. She is amazing! She is from
Liberia and after the first lesson asked "when can I be baptized?!"
Her faith is incredible. Teaching her is such a cool experience. I
learn so much from her. When we told her about fasting she was
thrilled. She couldn't wait to feel that spirit and fill her spiritual
hunger. While talking to her and getting to know her. We asked what
family she had left back home in Libiera she talked about her parents
and siblings then it got quite. She then said that she had to leave
her 4 year old daughter back with her parents! Can you imagine? We
were all in shock. We are working on getting her here right now. It is
a long and hard process though. Emmah is so strong!  It was a
fantastic day(:

We had a great day! We had 2 amazing lessons with Robert and Mary. The
more I get to know Mary the more and more I love her. She is amazing.
She is so smart! I love teaching her. She really thinks through things
and has lots of hard questions but it helps me grow(: She has traveled
all over the world studying different religions and has a very strong
belief in Christ. Robert is a member of 6 years who hasn't stopped
seeing the missionaries. He has Parkinson's and every Thursday at 2
the missionaries or the Mormon warriors as he calls us comes to visit
him. It is a very fun and known tradition in GANM. He is a great guy!
We were supposed to meet with a man named Shane but he wasn't home :/
There was a relief society enrichment night for family history so we
invited Mary and she came! She loved it! It was a great night and now
she is excited to do some family history work! Family History really
is amazing. So many cool things we can learn and such a great thing to
do with you family to keep the Sabbath day holy!(: It was a great day!
I love being a missionary. Seeing people through God's eyes is truly

Weekly planning! So much fun! Actually I don't mind it(: it's nice to
plan out the next week. After planning we got to do some service which
was way nice(: The rest of the day was a blur. Lots of tracting and
fun missionary work(:

We taught an amazing lesson to Emmah about the plan of salvation. We
were able to answer her questions about Adam and Eve and the three
kingdoms of glory. The spirit is always so strong when we teach her. I
love it. The afternoon was filled with tracting and then we got to go
over to the Watkins! They are converts of a couple years and love
missionaries. They have truly taken care of us. I am so grateful for
them! We got to teach their daughter Kathy and invited her to come to
church with us. She accepted! It was so hard to contain my excitement.
We had something that apparently was "impossible" it is so important
to show them that you love and care for them. Through love the spirit
can perform miracles. I love being a missionary!

We got up early to start the day off with meetings(: I really enjoyed
ward council. Amazing how much love and work goes into putting a
successful ward together! They call our ward Zion here. It truly is.
The people are so great and really love missionary work. We have been
fed every night we have been here! So blessed! We had a great fast and
testimony meeting and got to introduce ourselves to the ward! After
church we had a great lesson with Michale another investigator! We
then got to meet some families in the ward and had a delicious dinner
with Kate and her family. She was baptized last month and is a single
mother of 4. She is so sweet and super strong. We love her! It was a
great sabbath day!

Columbus Day! So P day was moved but we had a good day! Lots of
service! Yard work and cleaning! It was fun to get out of skirt and
get dirty! We then had a great lesson with a new investigator named
Mildred she is 88 years old and the cutest little old lady! She was
excited to read the Book of Mormon and we will be checking back with
her this week(: she really couldn't get over that we were giving a
copy of the BoM for free! She really wanted to pay us for it and tried
to several times. Such a sweet spirit(:

Overall it was a fantastic week! Went by way fast. We have zone
conference this week and I am super excited(: Thank you for all the
love and support! Hope you all have a great week! Keep ponderizing(:

Love you all!

~Sister Hosman

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