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Monday, October 19, 2015

10.19.15 One down... Seventeen months to go!

Hey y'all! It's been a beautiful Fall week here in Georgia! Work is progressing and my heart is growing(:

P day being on Tuesday made the week fly by!  After P day the Watkins wanted to take us to Golden Corral.  Both the hostess and the cashier asked about our church and wanted to know when our church service is.  We got to talk to them a bit and give them our information.  It was really cool and we are really hoping to see them on Sunday!  You can do missionary work wherever you go you just have to open your mouth(: you never know who the lord is preparing to hear the gospel. 

Wednesday we got up really early to help a couple move to Utah. They are building a house in Lehi!  It took a lot longer than we were expecting and it was just us and the bishops wife.  We ended up spending our whole day there and did some studies before heading to dinner!  After dinner we went to visit a family in the ward and then we thought we were heading to a less actives house but turned out to be a cute newly wed couple that were very nice.  We told them about our church and missionaries.  They thought it was very cool and we will be checking up with them.  A seed was definitely planted!(: 

Thursday was my first zone conference was great! I loved it!  This past week in preparation we have been studying Christlike attributes.  One of my favorite topics.  We talked about how who we are is just as important as what we are doing.  A couple of my favorite thoughts...
  • we read the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. It was such a great reminder of how strong our faith should be. They didn't even doubt for one second. Because they loved God so much. We show our love to him by trusting and following his commandments. He protected them and they didn't even smell of the fire. Which is truly incredible. I know if we trust in God and in his plan he will protect us.
  • Patience: facing adversity with faith. Learning to dance is the rain. When we set aside our desires for his will does not mean we need to set aside our happiness we just need to be patient and remember he knows best. 
After zone conference we had a Book of Moron read with Mildred.  She's such a sweet little old woman.  I love her so much. She loves the Book of Mormon but it is hard for her to read so we go and read with her!  It's the best(: she heats her house to 90 degrees and sometimes I think I'm gonna die but the spirit is always so strong when we read with her(:

Friday was weekly planning of course and then we got to go help a woman make bread.  We are teaching her husband right now and she had mentioned how making bread was getting hard for her because of all the hard kneading.  So today we went and made her bread(: She got all the ingredients and told us what to do and we got to do the fun part of making the dough and kneading it all together(:  While the bread was rising we went out tracting and visiting some people.  We met a single woman who just moved into the ward and went to check on our sweet investigator Mary has been really sick.  It's been hard and sadly she is just getting worse.  We gave her a lesson from the doorstep and talked to her about priesthood blessings.  We told her to think about and to let us know if she wanted one.  It was a great lesson(: We tracted some more and then had to come home to finish weekly planning.  Saturday was a beautiful day.  The leaves are slowly starting to change colors and I love it! 

On Saturday we got to help a sweet woman with her garage and yard.  She has been single for a long time and needs help with some stuff.  She is so sweet and we had a lot of fun cutting down branches and using our woman power!(: we went tracting for a while and were able to talk to lots of nice people.  Most everyone here is so nice but they have there faith and they are very comfortable in it.  That's okay though we just keep planting seeds and you never know who you'll find or when you'll find them(: We met some more members and did some more tracting.  We find, we teach and we serve.  Solid missionary work and I love it!  We even have white washing perks of trying to get to know the area and the members in there too!  It was a perfect fall day!(:  

Sunday was a fantastic day!  The wind in the morning felt like ice.  It is turning chilly rather quickly!  We had a great church service and then were able to meet up with some different members and less actives!  We had a delicious dinner with an amazing family and got some great referrals we are excited to contact this week!  Overall it was a fantastic week here in Georgia(:  

All is peachy!  Thank you so much for your support and prayers. They give me so much strength.  I love all of you and pray for you everyday.  Hope y'all have an amazing week! 

Peach out! 
~Sister Hosman

Gorgeous Girls!

The pool at their apartments

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