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Southern Speaking from September 2015 to March 2017

Monday, October 5, 2015

10.5.15 New Address / Pictures / and parts of personal letters

My address for at least the next 6 weeks will be 

7107 Waterstone Place
Buford, GA  30518

Georgia is so beautiful! So many trees and lots of green, it reminds me of Seattle. The hills are crazy though. So big and no mountains which is weird! The mission home was great! So nice to have a home cooked meal and the mission president is so great. His wife is amazing! She is super sweet. I helped her clean up dinner and we got a chance to talk a bit. She was very grateful for my help and I got a kiss on the head!  Her daughter is so sweet. I helped her crush up her vitamins.  She was wondering how I knew how to do it - I remember doing it for Gram with Mimi.  

The I pads are so great!  I love them!  They seriously have everything on them!  The area book, pamphlets, GC talks, Mormon messages and our email!  The only tricky thing is that we need wifi for most everything and we don't have wifi at our place! 

In this mission they say all the bugs from the garden of Eden came to Georgia!  They are everywhere! So many kinds I have never heard of or seen. But also bed bugs and cockroaches. So that's fun!(;  Another thing about here is that EVERYONE has a dog and a cat. It's crazy. I seriously haven't been in one house yet that doesn't have a dog or a cat. Or most likely 2. It's crazy.  But I have my asthma stuff so that's good.   It's saving me!

*Next week is Columbus day, so my pday will be Tuesday!

We are on bikes! Yup. In Georgia - the place with no sidewalks and where it rains everyday!  It's been quite the adventure, it can get pretty scary at times.  I am in one of the two areas in the whole mission that is on bikes with literally no access to a car.  It is even harder than we thought to ride a bike in a skirt!

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