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Monday, October 26, 2015

10.26.15 Happy Halloween!

Hey ya'll I don't have a lot of time so I will just talk about my
wonderful weekend here in beautiful Georgia(:

We will start with Thursday though because I got to go on my first
exchange and it was so much fun! I was in Flowery Branch for the day
with Sister Barbon. We got to teach a couple lessons, do some tracting
and meet up with some less actives. It was a great day. I learned so
much and grew to love the people so fast! I had a hard time leaving I
just wanted to stay and teach them.  They are so many great people
here! I love it! Not to mention it was pretty nice to have a car for a

On Friday we had a follow up meeting with all the trainers and
trainees in Lilburn. It was so much fun to see everyone from the MTC
and hear about their areas.  We all stood up and recited D&C 4
together and it was so cool! The spirit was so strong, I love being
surrounded by such incredible missionaries and remembering the
greatness of the work. It was a great meeting we watched a clip by
President Uchtdorf! He talked about the apostle Peter and his
fearlessness in declaring the truth. We need fear no man. Like my dad
always taught me, the worst they can say is "no"! After the meeting we
got to go to lunch with the sisters and then went back to do our
weekly planning. Then it was the fall festival which was so much fun!
We were the judges for the chili cook off which was great! There were
lots of people there both members and non members. We got to meet and
talk to lots of people and get filled up on chili!

Saturday was a perfect fall day to help move in a new family to our
ward! They are a fantastic family and we are very excited to get to
know them(: After that we had an amazing lesson with Emmah! We talked
about the restoration and Joseph smith. She loved it and found it to
make perfect sense! If we had prophets back before Christ came why
would we not have prophets now when we are preparing for Christ to
come again! Heavenly Father loves us and knows we need that guidance.
The spirit was so strong as we watched the first version together. I
am so grateful for Joseph Smith and his great courage and faith so
that we could have the restored gospel on the earth today. It is a
unique message that we are commanded to preach throughout the world(:
We got to finish up the day with some more service and tracting. 

We thought we were walking the right direction but the spirit lead us to
a circle we decided we would just quickly knock the houses and see
what happens! We met an older man named Tom who had been to SLC and
Illinois and was very impressed with the pioneers and bringing up of
the church. He said it was very admirable and we were able to answer
some more of his questions! It was a great discussion and we are going
back this week to see if we can talk to him more about The Plan of
Salvation. It is so cool to see the spirit lead us right to him. He
was the only one in that whole circle who was home and talked to us
but it was worth it!(:

Sunday we had lots of great meetings that kept us pretty busy! Church
was great as usual. We talked about service and how it draws us closer
to our Heavenly Father. Real joy comes from serving others and as you
serve them you will grow to love them. I love feeling my heart
literally grow for all of these incredible people. Sunday evening we
got to go serve and teach Kate and her family. It was a great sabbath!

Overall it was a fun filled weekend! I am so grateful for all your
prayers and support that keep me going! I love each one of you! 

Happy Halloween!

~Sister Hosman

We tracked right into Mickey Mouse!!!

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