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Sunday, October 30, 2016

10.30.16 A little "hiccup" and lots of miracles

Dear Family and Friends,

Sister Hosman spent 2 nights in the hospital and could use your faith and prayers.  She lost some blood from an intestinal ulcer last week and was taken to the Hospital Friday night.  They gave her IV fluids, potassium, a B12 shot and an iron infusion.  There is no question she was run down, but hadn’t slowed down!  She’s doing amazing.  She sounds happy and giggly and is surrounded by so many angels, I am taken back by the outpouring of service from total strangers. 

The bonus of all of this has been the opportunity to hear her voice and know how well she is doing. Some of you know that we have 3 members of our home ward serving in the same mission, it has been fun to see how they've come together and been there for Rachael this weekend.  She told me that the AP (McKay Woodwell) called and told Sister Christensen (Riley) that she had permission to call and go visit Sister Hosman.  When Riley showed up at the hospital Rachael asked, "what are you doing?”  Riley replied, “Val Verda 1st ward taking over GANM”.  What a blessing that she is surrounded by friends.  This has been such a blessing to have Riley and McKay in the same mission.  

She is still busy doing mission work.  The mission president said that she was working on converting the nurses and the Gastroenterologist is a Catholic who is curious about her mission and the details of what she is doing.  He asked her what the difference between her church and his was and so she shared the story of the Restoration.  She gave him a Book of Mormon and he promised he would read it and she could quiz him at her follow up in 2 weeks! 

She was discharged Sunday morning and will be able to rest Sunday, Monday and have a temple day on Tuesday. We are confident that this was just a “hiccup” and she’ll be able to finish the last 4 months strong!  

Thank you so much for your faith and prayers,


*A little extra lovin never hurt, if you can please send her a note.  

Her email address is

Her current address is 
Sister Rachael Hosman
8303 Walden Crossing Drive
Canton, GA  30115-9544

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