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Monday, October 17, 2016

Hey y'all! 

It was a tough week but we had a great zone meeting! I love when we get to together as missionaries and help each other grow. The spirit was so strong and it was wonderful. Don't have much time today but here is a bit about my week...

We had several families that we have been teaching "drop" us this week. Meaning they told us they were no longer interested and for us to not come back. It really hit me, I have come to love these families so much. I know that the lord has a plan for each of them and pray they will accept the gospel some day. This life can be hard. The mission can be hard. But that is when we learn and grow. Trials bring us to Christ. We are here to find joy and that is what the gospel brings. I'm so grateful for my testimony and the joy I get when I share it with others. When times get hard and trails come, if we turn to him and his gospel we can find joy. 

The Frias and Huetero families are still doing great! We are hoping to work with them more and excited to watch them continue to grow in this gospel. 

We have been working with a less active named Sister Tye a little bit. She is wonderful and served a mission herself, she also has two sons out on missions. Over the years she has become less active and her testimony is struggling. She doesn't attend church because of her anxiety. We had a little bit of time on Friday afternoon and felt promoted to stop by. We had a great discussion with her about the atonement and fasting. She confided in us as missionaries and poured her soul out to us. The spirit was so strong and we were able to testify how much God truly loves her. We promised her blessings if she would just come to the first hour of church on Sunday. When we walked out of our meeting Sunday morning, smiles came over our faces as we saw her walk in with her sweet family. We had an incredible testimony meeting with so many messages she needed to hear. All about temples, families and missionary work. She cried during the whole thing and was overwhelmed by the spirit. She snuck out during the closing song and we knew we needed to go give her a hug. So we followed her out and she just threw her arms around us. As she continued to cry and say "thank you sisters!" It was such a special moment. Even though none of our investigators who committed to be at church actually made  it, Sister Tye was there. That was enough for us and for the Lord. I know this that less active work is such an important part of missionary work. Heavenly Father misses his lost sheep and needs us to help bring them back to the fold. 

I love y'all so much! Thank you for your love and support. Couldn't do this without you. Don't forget to find joy in the journey! 😀


Sister Hosman🍑

Sisters in the zone! So short on sisters in GANM right now! 
The Marietta Zone

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